Chapter 187: Gao Lings Nightmare (2)

 Chapter 187: Gao Ling's Nightmare (2)

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Whoever it was, it would be difficult to accomplish that when confronting their rival in love...

"Yun Xiao, since I'm unable to obtain you in this lifetime, dying in your hands is also a release for me."

The red-robed lady closed her eyes gently as the corner of her lips slightly rose.

Yun Luofeng, you really make one extremely envious! Even though you're nothing but a trash with a humble identity, you are the only soft spot of this unfeeling man.

In order to prevent you from being harmed, he does not hesitate to nip all potential danger in the buds! Who knows what *** luck you've accumulated in your previous life to obtain such an outstanding man.


Suddenly, a gust of power pervaded from the top of her head and even her body was filled to the bursting point. She opened her eyes slightly and fixed her gaze towards the man with deep yearning and longing, so as to deeply carve his silhouette into her mind.

"Yun Xiao, if there wasn't Yun Luofeng, would you allow me to follow you?

She was adamant about wanting to know his answer despite clearly knowing the other party's choice.

That man did not answer her question.

Perhaps to him, speaking another word was just a waste of his time. Naturally, he had an answer in his mind, but there was no need to say it to someone insignificant.

"Yun Xiao, I do not regret knowing you."

The red-robed lady smile was bitter and astringent. If she was given another chance, she would still fall in love with this man! However, she would not be as rash as today...

Because the result of being rash wasn't just being unable to obtain him, but also losing her life!


An inward groan sounded and shortly after, the red-robed lady's body appeared as though it had been stabbed countless times with over a thousand holes. Fresh blood incessantly poured out from those holes and at the same time, her body was akin to a ball leaking air while it slowly shrank.


Qin Yuan appeared behind Yun Xiao while he indifferently cast a glance at that the red-robed lady, who was gradually falling on the ground, without a trace of sympathy or pity towards her.

It was like what Master had said, if he did not kill this woman, she would definitely stir up countless troubles, especially for Miss Yun!

Clearly, Yun Clan's missus was his master's soft spot, so how could he allow someone who could threaten her to exist? He would just nip all the dangers in the buds, without allowing any chances for it to germinate!

"How should I settle the matters with Xiao Clan?" Qin Yuan wrinkled his brows. "What this woman said is true. The Xiao Clan is indeed looking for you, but they are not aware of your current accomplishment. Otherwise, those people from the Xiao Clan will definitely kneel down and apologize."

Yun Xiao's eyes lightly drooped and his expression beneath the mask was grim. He stood with his hands behind his back from the beginning, and his ramrod-straight figure was standing in the mountains, while his pale red lips seem to reveal a contemptuous arc.

However, that sneer disappeared remarkably fast and made Qin Yuan feel his eyesight was going bad. To think that his master, who seemed to have facial nerve paralysis, actually possessed other expressions?

"How is Gao Ling?" Yun Xiao's black eyes gradually turned towards Qin Yuan as he asked coldly.

"Ah?" Qin Yuan was stunned for a moment. He did not expect that Yun Xiao would inquire about Gao Ling's status in this situation. After staying silent for a long time, he responded, "Wishing he could just die!"

That's right, the current Gao Ling had indeed wished he could just die! If it wasn't for his lack of courage to commit suicide, perhaps he would already be in the Yellow Springs.

Compared to the suffering of the physical body these few days, the trauma he received in his spirit was the most tormenting! Especially those customers in the brothel, he wished that he could make a mincemeat out of them!