Chapter 186: Gao Lings Nightmare (1)

 Chapter 186: Gao Ling's Nightmare (1)

Translator: DRZ Editor: Yukira_

"I, Yun Xiao, will only feel tenderness towards one woman, but unfortunately, that person isn't you-"

The man's cold-heartedness had thoroughly hurt that red-robed lady, causing her complexion to instantly turn deathly pale. All of a sudden, she envied that woman whom the Ghost Emperor was speaking of.

Exactly what sort of outstanding woman could possibly cause this man to place her in his heart?

"I would really like to meet that lady for me to understand in what way I lost out." A wry smile curved up from her stunning face as bitterness in her heart had long spread out, while pain and suffering could be seen from her eyes. "If my guess isn't wrong, is that lady the infamous useless trash of Long Yuan Kingdom, Yun Luofeng?"

After the name Yun Luofeng was raised, she could clearly sense that man's increasingly chilling aura. His aura was similar to a sharp sword, causing her heart to instantly be drenched with blood.

Thinking back to the news she obtained recently, that red-robed lady bit her lips and raised her beautiful pair of eyes to look directly at Yun Xiao. "Someone as respectable as you, why would you be willing to become a bodyguard for a woman? Unless the reason you had lowered yourself is to just make her acknowledge you?"

The man gently pursed his thin lips while his unfeeling gaze coldly swept towards that red-robed lady. After which, he finally took a step and gradually walked towards her.

With every step that man took, the red-robed lady felt somewhat difficult to even take a breath, as though there was a hand that was ruthlessly gripping her heart, preventing her from breathing easily.

"You're not qualified to know the reason!"

" Haha," that red-robed lady laughed at herself. As always, this man was eternally heartless! Every word and action of his were like a sharp thorn that ruthlessly pricked her heart, causing that heart of hers that was already riddled with thousands of holes to become even more fragmented and shattered.

"Xiao, you're thinking of killing me?"

After sensing the murderous aura on that man's body, that red-robed lady's body shuddered as her pair of eyes looked towards the man that was approaching her, while her complexion became even more deathly pale.

"You know too much." The man was terse and thorough as always, not willing to utter anything irrelevant.

"What?" Clearly, that red-robed lady did not understand Yun Xiao's meaning as she was somewhat dumbfounded.

"You discovered her existence."

That man ruthlessly swept that red-robed lady a glance as the murderous aura on his body became even stronger. "I will not overlook any danger that might harm her."

He was implying that since this woman was in a tangle with him, along with the fact that she knew of Yun Luofeng's existence, he would never allow such danger to exist no matter what!

"No!" That red-robed lady cried out in fear and retreated. Her complexion was devoid of any colors as she used a heart-broken gaze to look directly at Yun Xiao. "I was only curious what sort of woman she is. I've never thought of harming her. You cannot treat me like this..."

Yun Xiao had already arrived in front of that red-robed lady, whereas she had no way of retreat behind her. She harshly nibbled her pale lips that were not as red as before.

"I will not use her to test you. I will just nip all potential dangers in the bud."

He would not dare to take risk nor gamble if this woman had any vengeful feelings towards Yun Luofeng because the consequences of losing the bet were something he could not bear.


Both of the lady's legs became soft as she suddenly collapsed on the ground. Both of her hands were tightly clutching onto the land beneath her, while her sharp nails sunk deeply into the mud as she grabbed onto a handful of soil.

She knew what Yun Xiao had said was the truth!

Although she did not have any intentions to kill Yun Luofeng at the moment, even she herself could not ascertain if she could still maintain a normal reaction the moment she meets Yun Luofeng.