Chapter 185: Yun Xiaos Family (4)

 Chapter 185: Yun Xiao's Family (4)

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"Xiao, So it turns out you're here. You've really made me expend great efforts to search for you."

Within the forest shrouded by dark clouds, a red-robed lady slowly walked towards the man, with her eyes full of gentleness and longing. Within her beautiful eyes reflected the man's cold figure.

The man's face was covered with an ice-cold mask, and his body emitting a cold aura that prevented others from approaching. This aura made that red-robed lady stop in her tracks, but there was still a gentle smile hanging on her face.

"During this period, there are two influences looking for you. One of it is the daughter of Spirit Sect and the other one is the Xiao Family! Although they did not mention your name, I know that the person they're looking for is you."

Yun Xiao slightly pursed his thin, pale red lips, as if he did not hear the red-robed lady's words, while his hard gaze was still cast towards the barren land not far away.

"I'm afraid no one is clearer as to why the daughter of Spirit Sect is looking for you." The red-robed lady smiled coyly as her beautiful eyes gleamed from reflections of the undulating of sunlight. "Who asked you to be so charming that you can still attract numerous females even with a mask on? If you had taken your mask off, I'm not sure how many more people will go crazy over you."

Unfortunately, this man was too unfeeling. The depth of his pair of black eyes was devoid of fluctuations. One would be curious if there something existed in this world that could move him.

"Whereas for Xiao Clan..." Seeing that Yun Xiao did not pay attention to her, the red-robed lady was not annoyed and continued to speak with a smile, "I heard that there was once a useless young master in the Xiao Clan and had been chased out of the house when he was seven years old! From then on, there was utterly no news of him! How is that Xiao Family's young master related to you?"

A touch of probing was hidden within her speech as her beautiful eyes shot a glance at Yun Xiao.

What made her disappointed was that from the beginning, this man was unconcerned, as if what she just mentioned was a trifling issue...

If Yun Luofeng was here, she would definitely be able to guess that the young master that was chased out by his family was Yun Xiao.

There was no other reason why. Yun Xiao's physique was categorized as void spirit body, and those who had this sort of physique were unable to cultivate before the age of ten. They would only instantly advance by leaps and bounds after they reached ten years old. Hence, a huge clan like Xiao Clan was definitely unable to tolerate the existence of a useless person, and there was a high probability that they chased him out.

"Xiao." The red-robe lady pursed her red lips as a trace of peculiar radiance streaked past her beautiful eyes. "It seemed as if the Xiao Family are not aware of your true identity and I also understand that you do not want that arrogant Xiao Clan to discover your current strength. If you're willing to allow me to follow you, I will help you safeguard this secret. How about it?"

There was an obsession contained in her eyes. "I do not entreat to become your wife, I just want to be next to you and go through fire and water for you."

Yun Xiao's gaze finally revealed a glimmer of change as his apathetic gaze gradually shifted towards the red-robed lady beautiful face while saying indifferently, "There's another type of people who are able to keep secrets, and that is dead people!"

The red-robed lady's complexion instantly changed as she tightly nibbled her lips. "Xiao, you..."

"My name is Yun Xiao." The man's imposing aura flared out and shrouded that red-robed lady. His expression was akin to an eagle as he spoke without expression, "The name Xiao, you don't have the qualifications to say it."

"Haha," The red-robed lady laughed bitterly twice. Suppressed by that man's aura, her body felt like it had been subdued by a gigantic mountain, preventing her from moving. "The commoners said that the Ghost Emperor is cold and ruthless and do not have tender, protective feelings towards women. By the looks of it, it's exactly like what they have said!"

Yun Xiao's voice was solemn and hoarse while he callously glanced towards that lady in red robe. "I, Yun Xiao, will only feel tenderness towards one woman, but unfortunately, that person isn't you."