Chapter 184: Yun Xiaos Family (3)

 Chapter 184: Yun Xiao's Family (3)

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"Good, Very Well! You better remember your words!"

Gloom radiated from Empress Rong's appearance as her line of sight shifted towards the servant from Luo Feng Pavilion, who just happened to pass by, and she spoke while gritting her teeth, "Aren't Luo Feng Pavilion's guard on duty too complacent? To think that just anyone is allowed inside! If Manager Wu Zhong brings you to account, how are you going to assume responsibility?"

"My sincere apologies, Empress Rong."

The servant that was called by Empress Rong stopped on his track, unperturbed, and had an appropriate smiling expression on his face while appearing contrite.

A complacent smile appeared on Empress Rong's face and just when she was about to instruct the servants from Luo Feng Pavilion to throw Qing Yan out, who knew that this servant's tone would change as he continued speaking, "What you've said is correct. Our Luo Feng Pavilion isn't a place that anyone can just enter, so I would like to request Empress Rong to leave."

Empress Rong's facial expression instantly stiffened while her eyes widened and her fair white fingers pointed towards the servant from Luo Feng Pavilion. She then asked in a disbelieving tone, "What did you just say?"

"Empress Rong, this is our Luo Feng Pavilion's territory, if you are going to cause trouble here, I will call someone to send you out."

The servant slightly bent down and replied in a manner neither servile nor overbearing.

"Aren't you afraid that I'll lodge a complaint towards Manager Wu Zhong!" Empress Rong was fuming with rage through gritted teeth as she angrily uttered her words.

Hearing this, a contempt expression appeared on that servant's eyes. "I only wanted to prevent others from defiling Luo Feng Pavilion's territory and did not mean other things. If Empress Rong feels that Manager Wu Zhong will punish me because of this, then I can only concede that I'm out of luck."

"Very well!" Empress Rong's gaze became more solemn and was as though knives swept past through that servant's figure before falling on Qing Yan. "In regard to today's matters, you all better be careful. I will never let this pass!"

In any case, this was still Luo Feng Pavilion's territory and she did not dare to be rash. Furthermore, since that servant had helped that slut in such manner, there was a probability that both of them were engaged in a romantic relationship! She would wait until the time she obtained Wu Zhong's trust before coming back to find trouble for them!"

"Let's go!" thinking here, Empress Rong's voice went heavy as she coldly gave her orders.

"Yes, niangniang," the palace maid respectfully replied. They could not understand why did Empress Rong, as the mother of the kingdom, would have to curry favor with the people from Luo Feng Pavilion.

Even while merely facing a servant, she did not dare to be rash.

"Lady Qing Yan."

That servant did not even spare another glance towards Empress Rong, who left in a rage, as he turned towards Qingyan and respectfully gave his respects.

"What's your name?" Qing Yan lifted her eyebrows and looked at the person in front of her and questioned.

"My name's Fang Yu. Does Lady Qing Yan has other matters?"

Fang Yu's voice was neither servile nor overbearing but had clearly displayed more respect when facing Empress Rong earlier on.

Although he was unaware of Qing Yan's true identity, within this half year, he had seen Qing Yan next to the vice pavilion master. Especially the way they had interacted, it was as if they were friends.

From this, numerous people within Luo Feng Pavilion guessed that Qing Yan might also be the same as the vice pavilion master, who was someone closely following the pavilion master. As such, she could then receive the vice pavilion master's respect and trust.

"You've done well just now." Qing Yan satisfactory nodded her head. "People like you who can deal with such affairs are very few. I shall report this back to the pavilion master, and allow you to be promoted."

The person that Qing Yan had mentioned was the pavilion master and not the vice pavilion master...

Fang Yu, who had heard her words, became somewhat stunned. He lifted his eyebrows while looking towards the direction where Qing Yan had left, with deep astonishment contained within his gaze.

As expected, Lady Qing Yan was someone following alongside the pavilion master!

The thought of getting promoted cause Fang Yu to become emotionally excited...