Chapter 182: Yun Xiaos Family (1)

 Chapter 182: Yun Xiao's Family (1)

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It was known to all that Manager Wu Zhong did not have any interest except for liking beauties. If one wanted to please him, there was only this one method to do so.

As expected, after having heard what Empress Rong said, Wu Zhong's eyes emitted a peculiar radiance as his facial expression was filled with great interest.

"Oh?" He raised his brows as his complexion seemed somewhat excited. "And how does that woman look like? Do you have a portrait of her?"

Empress Rong revealed a determined smile as she raised her hands and lightly tapped twice. "Men, bring up the portrait."

"Yes, niangniang."

Having heard the command, two palace maids behind Empress Rong propped up a portrait and took nimble steps towards Wu Zhong.

"Manager Wu Zhong, this is a portrait of that young lady. If you fancy her, this Empress shall be a matchmaker and allow her to get married as the imperial family's princess."

Empress Rong gracefully smiled. Naturally, she had other ulterior motives. Since she wanted to form a good relationship with Wu Zhong, it was necessary for the imperial family to step in personally and recognize Yun Luofeng as their adopted daughter!

In this way, it would then be advantageous for the imperial family.

Wu Zhong gradually opened the portrait in his hands. The moment he saw the arrogant and proud white-robed lady on the portrait, his heart suddenly stopped beating while his eyes revealed a stunned expression.

This portrait was drawn remarkably true to life. Even the arrogance from her overall facial appearance was clearly displayed, while her snow-white dress fluttered by the wind. Her slightly lifted chin was pointing at the deep blue skies, a smirk tugging at the side of her lips, as though she did not even place the heavens in her eyes.

"Not bad, it's truly great. I have lived for such a long period of time and I have never seen such a breathtaking young lady," Wu Zhong rolled up the picture scroll as he praised sincerely. "Empress Rong, are you certain that this young lady's willing to marry me?"

Empress Rong revealed a confident smile. "The moment this young lady heard of Manager Wu Zhong's reputation, she had said that unless you are unwilling, it's not going to be a problem. Therefore, Manager Wu Zhong you can rest assured. You would only have to make preparations by selecting an auspicious date to marry her."

Luo Feng Pavilion's influence was extremely formidable. If Wu Zhong had personally came forth to take her as a wife, that stinky ya'tou would be unable to resist!

"Empress, can I inquire for this lady's name?" Wu Zhong went silent for a long moment before asking.

"I am not aware of her name, I only know her surname is Yun"


Wu Zhong was startled. If he recalled correctly, it seemed that the deputy pavilion master had once mentioned that the real Master of Yun Luo Pavilion also had a surname of Yun.

It shouldn't be that coincidental, right?

Seemingly amused by his own thoughts, Wu Zhong laughed as he helplessly shook his head and internally rejected the suspicions he had.

Even if he had never once seen his master's face, he was capable of knowing that a fourteen-year-old young lady does not have the capability of assuming the position of Luo Feng Pavilion's master.

Therefore, it was simply impossible for this young lady to be his master that was hidden behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, things turned out against what he wished he for and the current Wu Zhong would have never thought that the Master behind Luo Feng Pavilion was truly a lady of fourteen years old.

And when he knew of this matter, he had already regretted it.


Just when Empress Rong had taken her leave but yet to walk out of Luo Feng Pavilion's gates, all of a sudden, a petite figure entered her line of sight and caused her expression to turn solemn in an instance.

"Hold it!"

Empress Rong snorted as her gloomy gaze fell upon the little ya'tou that obstructed her way and coldly spoke, "Why would you be here?"

Qing Yan seemed to have never thought she would meet Empress Rong here and her expression was frozen and stunned at the same time.