Chapter 180: Why Are You Seeking Death (5)

 Chapter 180: Why Are You Seeking Death (5)

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"I have already decided, I will take Qingyan as my wife, and it will be pointless for anyone to try to prevent me from doing so." Ye Ling haughtily lifted his handsome face, coldly staring at Empress Rong with determination in his eyes. His voice was bone-chilling, similar to the winter's fierce wind.

Empress Rong's beautiful eyes shifted. "Since you insist on marrying a mere maid, then this Empress won't force you to do otherwise. This Empress will report this matter to His Majesty and let him handle it."

Ye Ling, since you want to give up on the throne, then this Empress' Luo'er will accept it in your place.

His Majesty definitely won't let a maidservant become the mother figure of a kingdom!

"Luo'er, let's go!" Empress Rong did not hesitate and turned around to leave the courtyard.

Ye Luo froze for a second before hurriedly catching up and anxiously asking, "Imperial Mother, are we just going to leave the matter like this?"

"Don't worry, there are some things that she can't decide!" Empress Rong released a forboding chuckle. "Luo'er, make some arrangements. Imperial Mother will pay a visit to Luofeng Pavilion to see Manager Wu Zhong."

"But Imperial Mother, this Third Prince Estate..." Ye Luo's gaze was brimming with greed and reluctance.

There were too many treasures in the Third Prince Estate; if all of these treasures belonged to him, how great would that be?

How could Empress Rong not detect Ye Luo's thoughts? Her crimson lips lifted with a confident smile as she unhurriedly spoke, "Luo'er, wait until you become the emperor. What can't you have then? At that time, you only need to speak one word, and Ye Ling will have to obediently present all of his treasures to you. This is the advantage of power!"

Empress Rong deeply felt the magnificent influence of power.

She extremely liked this feeling of controlling other people's fate.

"I understand, Imperial Mother." Ye Luo's eyes brightened as he moistened his dry lips, his treacherous gaze sweeping across his surroundings and carving every inch of the grounds into his memory.

As soon as he thought about how these valuable treasures would belong to him in the future, he felt a desire to laugh wildly with his head raised.

"Ye Ling, you chose a maidservant as a wife, implying that you have already given the throne up. Since it's like this, don't regret it later. The day that I ascend the throne will be the day that your life ends!"


Inside the courtyard, Ye Ling watched the departing figures with cold and calm eyes.

In the midst of his contemplation, a languid voice slowly drifted to his ears, "Ye Ling, remember what you just said, I will leave Qingyan in your care then."

Ye Ling started and turned his head, his eyes colliding with Yun Luofeng's pitch-black eyes. He slightly pursed his lips and nodded with determination as he said, "Master, rest assured, I will protect her. With me here, no one can hurt a single strand of her hair! Nor can anyone prevent my desire to marry her!"

Because Yun Luofeng had seen through his intentions since long ago, he did not hide the affection in his heart, and his warm gaze gradually moved to Qingyan.

"Qingyan, are you willing to marry me?"

Qingyan's cheeks reddened, and she gripped her robe with embarrassment. "This servant doesn't want to marry anyone for the next several years. This servant would like to accompany Miss longer..."

"Qingyan, even if you marry Ye Ling, it doesn't mean that you can't work for me." Yun Luofeng lightly chuckled. "However, if you aren't in a rush to marry someone, then there's no harm in getting betrothed first and waiting a few more years before marrying."


Qingyan became incredibly shy, her head was so low that it almost touched the ground, even her voice as quiet as a fly's, and her ears were completely red.

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