Chapter 179: Why Are You Seeking Death (4)

 Chapter 179: Why Are You Seeking Death (4)

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"It's a pity that..."

Under Empress Rong's confident gaze, Yun Luofeng shook her head. "Servants are servants. No matter how strong his strength is, he still can't escape from his status as a servant."

Empress Rong's satisfied face froze a little before she pacified the heaven-splitting fury in her heart. She said with a cold smile, "Girl, I'm only giving you this chance out of the kindness of my heart, but you don't know how to grasp it. I admit that you're quite beautiful, but do you think you can get your claws into important people from your looks alone? The women that those important people marry, whose strength isn't strong? Having Manager Wu Zhong take a liking to you is already your fortune, so don't even think about seducing a person like the master of Luofeng Pavilion."

After saying everything in a single breath, she added with an icy smile on her cold, elegant face, "You aren't worthy of Luofeng Pavilion's Master."

No one knew the gender of this mysterious master of Luofeng Pavilion, but everyone unconsciously believed that it must be a domineering man who established a power like this. There were even some unmarried girls who regarded Luofeng Pavilion's master as their dream lover.

However, they did not know that the master of Luofeng Pavilion was actually a woman!

"Miss, is this person a fool?" inquired Qingyan, unable to resist any longer.

Her miss was the master of Luofeng Pavilion, how should Miss seduce herself?

"How dare you!" Empress Rong's expression darkened, and she coldly said, "A mere maid actually dared to barge into a conversation? Someone, drag her away and flog her to death!"

"Yes, Your Imperial Majesty the Empress!"

Hearing her, the guards behind Empress Rong cupped their fists in salute and turned their fierce gaze onto Qingyan.

Just as all the guards headed for Qingyan, an icy voice was suddenly heard, "Let me see who will dare to hit her!"

A handsome young man stepped up by himself and blocked Qingyan behind him. He haughtily lifted his chin and expressionlessly fixed his eyes on the cold and stern guards.

Qingyan was one of Master's people, how could he allow this girl to be injured in his estate? Moreover, she was also the girl that he liked...

Yun Luofeng lifted the corner of her lips and glanced at Ye Ling's figure with a smile in her eyes. However, when her sight landed on Empress Rong and her son, a killing intent flashed through her pitch-black eyes.

"Ye Ling, you are going against my order for a little girl?" Empress Rong's chest was quivering in anger.

She clearly heard the pretty girl referring to Yun Luofeng as "Miss," so it was evident that she was merely a maid who served other people!

But now, Ye Ling was actually willing to disobey her for a lowly maid?

"Hmph," Ye Ling snorted and expressionlessly stated, "Qingyan isn't some maid, she's this Prince's princess consort."

As though struck by lightning, everyone present, with the exception of Yun Luofeng, was stupefied.

Someone with as high of a standard as Third Prince Ye Ling actually took a fancy to a little maid? What was so special about this maid that she actually met his eyes?

Qingyan was also startled. Her clear gaze intensely stared at Ye Ling, who situated himself in front of her, and a cloud of red slightly emerged on her pretty face.

He said that she was his princess consort?

Suddenly, as though recalling something, Qingyan's eyes dimmed, and a bitter taste entered her mouth.

She was only a little maid, how could the Emperor of Liujin Kingdom allow Ye Ling to take her as his wife? That was unrealistic.

Empress Rong finally regained her senses, and her expression became unpredictable. "You said that you want to let a maidservant be your princess consort?"

Was this guy ruining his own future? If he really did this, the ministers of Liujin Kingdom could not protect him anymore! After all, a little maid was unsuited for the position of this kingdom's mother figure!