Chapter 177: Why Are You Seeking Death (2)

 Chapter 177: Why Are You Seeking Death (2)

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Her meaning was as clear as day.

All the wealth and treasure in this world belonged to the imperial dynasty! As the mother of the country, she had the power to allocate this wealth. Hence, these treasures belonged to whoever she said they belonged to!

Ye Ling glanced at the knavish Empress Rong in contempt. "Other people aren't allowed to get a share of my possessions, including the people of the imperial clan!"

"How impudent!"

At Ye Ling's derisive words, Ye Luo bristled with anger, staring daggers at the fair and handsome young man in front of him.

"Ye Ling, my imperial mother is this dynasty's empress, the mother of the country. Who permitted you to speak to her like this? If my imperial mother says your estate belongs to me, then beat it! My territory doesn't welcome a mutt like you!"

The word "mutt" stilled Ye Ling's breathing. He narrowed his eyes slightly, pressing dangerously close to Ye Luo.

"What did you just say?"

"I said you were a mu-"


Ye Ling's palm was quick as the wind, and a slap struck Ye Luo's face before anyone could react.

The crisp sound rang through the courtyard, stunning Empress Rong. She would never have imagined that Ye Ling would actually have the courage to slap someone in front of her.

"You... you actually hit me?" Ye Luo clutched his swollen face, fury spitting from his eyes. "I will tell Imperial Father and make him banish you to the border, you little mixed-breed bastard!"

"I'm hitting you for Imperial Father. Do you think Imperial Father will banish me for this?" responded Ye Ling coldly after he retracted his arm, taking out a handkerchief and focusing on wiping his hand.

"Bullsh*t!" Ye Luo could not resist swearing, his face livid from rage.

This little bastard said he slapped him for Imperial Father? His behavior was extremely shameless!

"Don't forget, we are sired by the same father. Insulting me as a little mutt and bastard, isn't that the same as saying I was born from a bastard? If you humiliate Imperial Father in front of me again, don't you think you deserve to be slapped?"

Ye Ling tossed the handkerchief to the ground and looked down his nose at Ye Luo.

"You..." Ye Luo angered further.

He was about to retort, but the stupefied Empress Rong finally regained her wits and slapped Ye Luo with a resounding thwack.

"Luo'er, you could have insulted him with anything, but why did you call him a little bastard?" Empress Rong said in disappointment. "If these words travel to His Imperial Majesty's ears, who can save you!" Her face showed her anxiety.

Ye Luo felt quite wronged, but he also knew he had placed his foot in his mouth just now, so he kept his mouth shut and did not dare to utter another word.

All of a sudden, a chuckle drifted into earshot. Although this chuckle was incredibly quiet, it was still clearly heard by everyone.

Everyone looked to the source of the laugh. A snow-white ruqun appeared in their vision, its sweet and charming owner heading toward them with a green-clothed maid trailing after her.

"It's you!"

Ye Luo caught sight of Yun Luofeng right away. Awe still glittered in his eyes, but when he recalled what this young lady did to him, his eyes suddenly darkened.

He would never forget how this f*cking b*tch had humiliated him in public.

Ye Luo took a deep breath, clenched his fists, and said, stressing each and every syllable, "Imperial Mother, she's the woman I spoke of."

Envy flashing in her beautiful eyes, Empress Rong was startled and directed her gaze to Yun Luofeng.