Chapter 176: Why Are You Seeking Death (1)

 Chapter 176: Why Are You Seeking Death (1)

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"The Third Prince is truly unreasonable. This Empress 1 personally came to meet him, but he still doesn't receive me," snorted Empress Rong in the back garden. "I truly don't know how the late Empress Yi raised her son."

A slight frown and displeasure appeared on her poised and elegant face.

However, the Third Prince Estate was quite wealthy!

Take, for instance, this rock. It was cast from rocks found deep in the Northern Sea. The medicinal herbs in the flower bed too. They were actually the extremely valuable Scarlet Flame Grass. Even the bamboo in the bamboo forest could not be purchased without millions of pounds of gold and silver.

It looked like the Yi Family was not as simple as they appeared, and the money that they gave to the third prince these past years was probably uncountable. Otherwise, he would not have had the ability to build such a prosperous estate.

Empress Rong's eyes flashed with greed as she stared fixedly at this nation's worth of wealth.

However, she was not aware that her avarice had been spotted by Ye Ling already.

"Hoho." A scornful laugh emanated from the sky, forcing Empress Rong to cloak the greed in her eyes. She shot her gaze to the young man stepping out of the study, her beautiful eyes hiding a killing intent.

This bastard! He was quite lucky! She had sent countless assassins, but they never managed to kill him! How unfortunate that regardless of how lucky he was, he would meet the same fate as that short-lived mother of his and die in the end.

"Ye Ling, this time, this Empress sought you out to discuss a few matters with you." Empress Rong focused her icy gaze on Ye Ling, her greed bursting out of her eyes again. "This Empress and His Majesty have owed you greatly these past years. In order to compensate and show our remorse, this Empress has decided to have you and Luo'er switch estates. Luo'er's estate is in the city center, so it's much better than your remote location."

She took a consulting approach on the surface but was actually unyielding and demanding.

How could Ye Ling not recognize Empress Rong's aim? The smile on his lips chilling, he coolly said, "My apologies. I prefer quiet locations, though I do appreciate Her Imperial Majesty's well-intentioned actions."

"Ye Ling!" Empress Rong's face darkened. "You are truly ungrateful! This Empress is doing this to make up for what you are owed! The location of Luo'er's estate is much better than this sorry estate!"

Her words implied that she was doing this for Ye Ling's benefit, yet Ye Ling, the rat bastard, stubbornly did not appreciate her kindness!

"Hoho." Ye Ling released a low laugh as he said in derision, "If you really want to make Ye Luo and me switch estates, it's not impossible. However, I'll take everything in my estate with me, even if it's just a blade of grass or a tree!"

The look on Empress Rong's face soured. "Since it's an exchange of estates, then everything in each estate is naturally included in it. I'm afraid it's extremely unreasonable for you to bring these things with you."

Ye Ling started laughing, his smile permeated with a bone-chilling cold. He looked up a small bit, his eyes shining with arrogance, and asked, "Empress Rong, what is the difference between your actions and robbery? Didn't you take a liking to the treasures in my estate and so wanted to rob me with a justification? Why must Your Imperial Majesty word it this nicely?"

"How dare you!" Empress Rong shouted in anger, spite sweeping across her elegant face. "As a prince, you're also a citizen of the Liujin Kingdom. Could it be that as the Empress, this Empress doesn't even have that small privilege? This Empress is warning you, everything in Liujin Kingdom belongs to the imperial dynasty-including the treasures in your prince estate! Since these are the possessions of the imperial clan, why can't this Empress decide their fate?"