Chapter 175: General Yis Warning (4)

 Chapter 175: General Yi's Warning (4)

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Qing Yan was stunned for a moment as her line of sight fell on the plate of grapes on that man's hands as she blinked while becoming somewhat flabbergasted. "Although Miss isn't fond of the meals in the Third Prince Estate, these grapes don't seem any different, why do you..."

"It's different."


What's different about it?

Qing Yan was honestly unable to understand this man. Why does he act mysteriously all the time? Moreover, he had clearly been following behind Miss to protect her, but why does he not want her to know?

That man spoke expressionlessly in a deep voice, "I will continue sending the meal tomorrow."

Obviously, those grapes were different.

Yun Luofeng was very fussy towards food. For example, whenever she would eat grapes, it was necessary to remove the grape seeds. So the seeds on this plate had been removed by him using his spiritual energy one by one. However, he had no interest in explaining all of these to Qing Yan.

"In addition, just place these grapes on her table and don't disturb her," after a long time, that man's deep voice gave an instruction once again.

His deep black eyes were staring at that candle-lit room as he resolutely turned around and instantly disappeared under the night skies.

Right now, he ought to start preparing for her breakfast tomorrow.


"Qing Yan, where did these grapes come from?"

Early Morning.

The dawn light spilled into the room and a girl was seated on the table. Her slender, long fingers lightly tapped on the table, seeming to be casually asking.

"Ah? Qing Yan was stunned for a moment before speaking up guiltily, "It's...what I had prepared for Miss."

"Is that so? Then what sort of method did you use to extract the grape seeds?" Yun Luofeng appeared to be smiling yet not smilingly and watched little ya'tou's delicate and pretty face while continuing to question closely.

"What?" the little ya'tou shouted in surprise. "How is this possible? I..."

Qing Yan wanted to explain herself, but she suddenly realized she had accidentally revealed herself. She then looked at Yun Luofeng with a guilty conscience while hastily shutting her mouth.

Yun Luofeng slightly raised her brows. Inside her heart, she immediately took notice of something and a smiling expression emerged on her breathtaking face.

"Qing Yan, When did you start learning how to help others and lie to me? Is this your heartfelt feelings towards me?"

Qing Yan thought that Yun Luofeng had really gotten angry, so she was somewhat anxious and hurriedly tried to explain, "Miss, I did not deceive you deliberately. If others wanted to bribe me to do harmful things towards Miss, I will absolutely never betray you. I had only, only...."

She just felt that the relation between Yun Xiao and her young lady was good and that he would undoubtedly never cause harm to her Miss. As such, she had decided to help him.

Moreover, Yun Xiao just noticed that Miss didn't have any appetite these past few days and didn't want her to know that he was tailing behind, so he asked her to do the job.

If it was someone else, she would have never taken notice of them.

"Puchi!" Yun Luofeng chortled as she raised her hands to pinch Qing Yan's cheeks while having a smiling expression and spoke, "Alright, I shall not tease you anymore. Qing Yan, I naturally know of your heartfelt feelings towards me. I will act as if I'm unaware of this matter, and you can continue to keep in contact with him."

Yun Xiao would have never thought that a plate of grapes had caused his whereabouts to be exposed.


Qing Yan bit on her lips as she stamped her feet while being ashamed and resentful.

Her Miss was really getting more and more naughty. To think that she had been teasing her all along, causing her to think that her miss had actually gotten angry for real.

"The empress and the second prince has arrived."

The moment when Yun Luofeng had stepped out of the door, a penetrating voice suddenly sounded into her ears, causing her facial expression to slightly sink, while a trace of murderous aura surged from her pitch-black eyes.