Chapter 174: General Yis warning (3)

 Chapter 174: General Yi's warning (3)

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"Ye Ling, let's go."

Lastly, Yun Luofeng swept a glance at the haggard Yi Bufan before she turned and walked towards the endless dark night.

Ye Ling, who initially wanted to accompany Yun Luofeng to leave, seemed unable to abandon Yi Bufan in his current state, as his steps slightly stopped before speaking to the middle-aged man with his back facing him, "Uncle, on the account of you being my mother's elder brother, I shall warn you of something. Jin Liu's imperial family is destined to end, so you shouldn't continue killing for the emperor."

After speaking, he did not look at the man behind him as ran towards the direction where Yun Luofeng had taken.


Yi Bufan fell on the chair and smiled bitterly. "Bai Ling, the reason you did not choose me back then was because I was too fair and strict, whereas Yun Yang was a hot-blooded man? Is it possible that my loyalty towards the emperor is also some sort of mistake?"

His handsome face was full of painful suffering as if he had sunk deeply into his memories.

"If life can be repeated, I really want to become an ordinary person without any burden. In this way, it isn't impossible for me to get reckless for a woman I love. Unfortunately, I am destined to be unable to be hot-blooded."

Yi Bufan ordered someone to fetch a white spirit as he downed it all in one shot. Over the years, whenever he remembered that peerless magnificent lady, he would rely on the paralysis effect of the alcohol so he could succumb to sleep peacefully.


"Miss, you're back?"

Second Prince Estate.

Qingyan could spot the approaching Yun Luofeng in one glance as her cute crescent-shaped eyes brightened up and she hurriedly went forth to welcome her while happily speaking, "Miss, since you've been out for a night, I reckon you're tired as well. I've already ordered the kitchen staff to prepare a bowl of soup. Drink it before you sleep."


When Yun Luofeng walked into the kitchen, suddenly a fragrant smell assailed her nostrils. She walked towards that bowl of soup and sat before it, lightly scooping a spoonful of the soup that was emitting a fragrant scent and slowly sending it into her mouth.

"Why is the meal this time different from the one in the afternoon?" Yun Luofeng frowned. "This cook's pretty good and is even superior compared to the General Estate's cook. I'll have to bring this up with Ye Ling tomorrow to have him gift me this cook. Grandfather will definitely like it."

Yun Luo did not have any hobby other than eating, so the cooks of the General Estate had been hired by him at a high cost. Whereas Yun Luofeng, who had been used to the General Estate's meal, was indeed unable to adapt after reaching Jin Liu. She didn't think that there would be a cook in this Third Prince Estate that possessed such skills. ..."

Qingyun looked at Yun Luofeng with a guilty conscience. "Miss, I don't think this is right. After all, this cook is from Ye Ling's estate..."

"Why not?" Yun Luofeng finished that bowl of soup and took the handkerchief that Qingyun had passed her to wipe her mouth. She then did a stretch and stood up from her seat. "I shall raise this request with Ye Ling tomorrow. I'm tired today, so, Qingyun, you can go ahead and withdraw."

"Yes Miss, your servant shall take her leave."

Qingyun hurriedly carried the empty bowl while guiltily walking out. She was pondering internally how she was going to follow up on this lie.

In the courtyard, under the pitch-black night, a man dressed in black robe seemed to have merged into the night.

Qingyun could see the unfeeling man in the courtyard with just a glance. After thinking, she finally walked over. "I've followed your orders and brought over a bowl of soup for Miss. Also, I did not inform her that this was made by you."

"Okay." The man's voice was grim as before, as if other than Yun Luofeng, he was unwilling to speak even more than what was necessary. "Give this to her."