Chapter 173: General Yis warning (2)

 Chapter 173: General Yi's warning (2)

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"Miss Yun, I've been friends with your parents for a long time. However as we had different masters, we could only meet each other on the battlefield. Therefore, on the basis of my friendship with them, I shall advise you to leave Liu Jin! I'm able to not hold you responsible for entering Liu Jin, but if you do not leave, don't blame me for being rude!"

Yi Bufan's tone was exceptionally weird as he had a strict expression on his handsome face.

He was the general of Jin Liu, thus defending the country was his responsibility! Otherwise, he wouldn't have met with the woman he adored without hesitation on the battlefield ten years ago.

Unfortunately, because he had opposed to using crafty schemes to deal with Yun husband and wife, he had been recalled by the Emperor before the battle was over. He was completely oblivious about what transpired later, and after he found out about it, he had heard that both Yun husband and wife had perished on the battlefield, with their souls returning to their homeland.

He was devastated by the grievous news, so he resorted to alcohol to get drunk. Up till now, his heart was still aching.

"Leave Jin Liu?" Yun Luofeng smiled wickedly. "Do you think that since I'm already here, I would leave easily?"

Yi Bufan's handsome face turned solemn. "Miss Yun, as long as I'm guarding Liu Jin, I will not allow you to do anything that'll harm this country! Even if you are Bai Ling's daughter, I will not condone your action."

Yun Luofeng wickedly shot him a glance. "The reason why I came here is to avenge my parents, and no one can stop me from doing so!"

"Yun Luofeng!" Yi Bufan was somewhat enraged. "When two countries are at war, there'll definitely be casualties. There were also many people from Liu Jin who perished on the battlefield, don't tell me that I'll have to avenge everyone? Revenge breeds revenge-will there ever be an end to it? Besides, this was a war casualty, and all these things are simply unavoidable."

"Indeed, when two countries wage war, there will definitely be casualties. Unfortunately, I do not care for the life and deaths of the masses. What I care about is my family. Regardless of how they died, I only know that those who harm my family are my enemies!" Yun Luofeng sneered while displaying obvious aggressiveness. If revenge breeds revenge, would there even be an end to it?

It was a complete joke!

She never believed in requiting evil with good, she only knew that a debt of blood must be paid in blood!

Yi Bufan's eyebrows frowned tightly as anger appeared on his face.

Seemingly feeling the fury of their own general, the surrounding soldiers pulled out their weapons, causing the atmosphere to suddenly turn tense.

"Yun Luofeng, are you really determined on doing this?" Yi Bufan raised his hands to stop his soldiers as he coldly asked.

However, Yun Luofeng did not answer him but laughed shallowly and answered a question with a question, "General Yi, are you fond of my mother?"

The young girl's voice was seductive yet languid as if she was only asking something unimportant.

However, Yi Budan's heart fiercely clenched tight at her words. Just now inside his mind, a beautiful appearance wearing a faint smile had once again surfaced in his mind.

"Do you know why my mother did not choose you?" Yun Luofeng evilly smiled. "Because the person she loves is a man who would dare to do anything! She wouldn't choose a subservient man like you! If my father was still alive, and anyone had touched my mother, he would definitely massacre the imperial city. He would let go of his identity as the general and never allow anyone to touch her in the slightest!"

The young lady's words had deeply struck Yi Bufan. His footsteps staggered as his sorry figure fell onto the chair.

At this moment, the great general of Jinliu, who had widespread prestige, carelessly exposed his thoughts, making it plainly visible.