Chapter 172: General Yis warning (1)

 Chapter 172: General Yi's warning (1)

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"Very well."

Yun Luofeng lightly touched her jaw as hesitation could be seen from her eyes. "Please lead the way."

"I'll go with you."

Ye Ling glanced at the several soldiers under the night skies and resolutely stood beside Yun Luofeng.

"Please," the soldier was fairly courteous and did an affectionate movement towards Yun Luofeng while speaking gravely and sternly.

General Estate.

In the study room, a middle-aged man was standing with hands behind his back under the serene moonlight, sporting a head full of black hair behind his back, which was as dark as black ink.

From the beginning, his back facing the study room, with an upright figure that was solemn and rigid, like an imposing gigantic mountain.

"General." Suddenly, a voice pulled him back from his thoughts. "The person you invited is here. However, the third prince had accompanied her to the estate."

Yi Bufan heard what the soldier had reported back and finally turned around. Then, he spoke in an austere manner, "Let them in."

"Yes, General."

The soldier accepted the order and retreated.

Not long after, in the pitch-black night sky, a snow-like white robe entered his line of sight.

After spotting the young lady who entered, Yi Bufan's pair of grave and stern eyes stared absentmindedly at her. Even his line of sight was somewhat unable to move away from that young lady.

Alike. It's too alike!

This ya'tou and her mother Bai Ling were so alike as though they had been printed from the same mold, so stunning and gorgeous that was unmatched in this generation.


Ye Ling saw that his own uncle had been staring at Yun Luofeng without even blinking and anxiousness appeared on his face. He then glanced at Yun Luofeng beside him and only relaxed after seeing that the other party didn't get angry.

Yi Bufan gradually recovered and the gaze looking towards Yun Luofeng was peculiar, and that unusualness was as if he was looking at someone through her.

"I don't know if I should address you as Miss Yun or Yun Luofeng?" Yi Bufan's facial expression was severe as if the absent-mindedness that appeared earlier on was someone else's imagination.

"It's just a way of addressing, General Yi, please feel free to call me however you like." Yun Luofeng slightly leaned against the doorframe with her pitch-black eyes staring deeply at Yi Bufan. "However, I do not have any relations with General Yi, so may I know for what matter did General Yi find me for?"

Yi Bufan stayed silent for a long time before asking coldly, "I just want to know, you as Longyuan Kingdom's General's granddaughter, why did you come to Liujin? If you were to say there was no purpose, I absolutely won't be convinced!"

Hearing these words, Yun Luofeng's eyes slightly squinted and a dangerous glint flashed across them.

As expected, this fellow knew of her identity!

Right now, even if she wanted to deny, it would only be superfluous.

Furthermore, when she came here, she didn't even think of concealing her identity! She wanted the whole world to know that her purpose was to take revenge for her parents and wipe out a grudge!

"Seems like General Yi's really well informed. I, Yun Luofeng, am only a good-for-nothing within Longyuan Kingdom. To think that you're actually able to see through my identity." Yun Luofeng crossed her both hands over her chest with a wicked smiling expression. "That's right, I'm Yun Luo's granddaughter and also the daughter of Yun Yang and Bai Ling!"

It was as if a heavy hammer had mercilessly hit on Yi Bufan's heart, causing his footsteps to stagger slightly.

She's indeed Bai Ling's daughter...

In fact, ever since Yun Luofeng had first entered Liujin, she had already entered his line of sight. Coupled with the fact that everyone from the Third Prince Estate had addressed this young lady as Miss Yun, he had long since discovered her identity from this.

Looking at the breathtaking appearance before him, Yi Bufan took a deep breath. He pacified his internal turmoil while his deep black eyes regarded her.