Chapter 171: Devious Empress Rong (5)

 Chapter 171: Devious Empress Rong (5)

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Ye Luo asked after being silent for a long time. "What if that woman doesn't agree to seduce that bigwig from Luo Feng Pavilion?"

Hearing this, Empress Rong sneered and her lips turned into a ridiculing curve. "My son, there's no woman in this world who doesn't want to curry favor with influential forces. Now that Yun Feng Pavilion's power is like the midday Sun, even us, the imperial family, has to show consideration for them. Considering this, she will even feel grateful to us for giving her this opportunity. Otherwise, she wouldn't have this chance to meet the top brass from the Luo Feng Pavilion."


Under the night scene, a girl was standing under the moonlight. Her white robe was as white as snow, so unexpected in this dark night.

However, the silence of the night was somewhat frightening, and only the sounds of cicadas on the trees could be heard.

Yun Luo Feng looked towards the window that was brightly lit by a candle flame. After listening to the content that this pair of mother and child was discussing, her lips curved in a charming arc, while a cold light flashed past her eyes.

Tonight, she originally went the Second Prince Estate to investigate the truth about her parent's death and didn't expect to hear a conspiracy by this pair of mother and child. In addition, to think that the target of their conspiracy was her?

"Ye Ling, who's this Wu Zhong?" she had her back facing the handsome youngster tailing after her and asked.

Ye Ling was startled for a moment before replying, "Wu Zhong is an elder in Luo Feng Pavilion, who has been with them since the pavilion was founded. His strength is of high-level advanced rank, and he's equally matched with me.

"Ye Ling, regarding today's matter, you shall act as if you didn't hear anything. Perhaps this is a good method to test them. I want to know if that Wu Zhong is wholeheartedly loyal to my Luo Feng Pavilion!"

"Yes, Master," Ye Ling responded respectfully.

In actual fact, until now, he was still shocked by Yun Luo Feng's actions.

Just when they were visiting the prince's mansion tonight, who knew what she fed those imperial guards that were patrolling, causing them to have a lifeless look in their eyes as if they did not discover them...

"Apparently, I'm unable to investigate for more useful information tonight." Yun Luofeng frowned and slowly turned under the night skies, her voice was charming and languid, "Ye Ling, we'll head back first."

"Your subordinate shall follow your orders," Ye Ling lowered his head and respectfully replied.

Both of them had been standing outside the window for roughly an hour, but no one had noticed their existence all along. Several patrolling imperial guards had even walked past them but did not even release a sound. If one attentively observes, they would be able to discover that these guards had a lifeless look in their eyes, similar to a puppet wandering under the night skies.

This lasted until Yun Luofeng and Ye Ling's departure, before the eyes of these imperial guards gradually recovered their clarity. However, they seemed oblivious to the two uninvited guests from earlier while they continued to patrol as usual.

Under the lonesome curtain of night, the streets no longer had its fanfare during the daytime and were deep and quiet instead.

Suddenly, Milk Tea, who was inside Yun Luofeng's sleeve seemed to have noticed something and started squeaking. Its squeaks were anxious and restless as if warning her of danger.

"Miss Yun."

Suddenly, a few silhouettes descended from the skies and landed before Yun Luofeng and got straight to the point. "Our general would like to invite you to visit!"


Yun Luofeng raised her brows and looked towards the few people who were blocking her way and charmingly smiled. "General Yi?"

"That's right," the soldier coldly replied. "The general we're referring to is General Yi."

General Yi from Liu Jin was once defeated under the hands of her grandfather, thus resulting in his nephew to become a hostage! Now that General Yi had suddenly invited her over, perhaps her identity was exposed?