Chapter 170: Devious Empress Rong (4)

 Chapter 170: Devious Empress Rong (4)

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Ye Ling's entire body trembled after hearing her words.

In order to expand her spiritual energy to cover the entire estate, just how powerful did her spiritual energy have to be to accomplish this?

"Master, I understand."

He slowly took a deep breath and a ray of light appeared in his eyes.

"Let's go, I still have to make a round at Second Prince Estate at night. As of now, I'll be heading back to the estate to rest in order to stay energized for tonight's event." Yun Luofeng languidly stretched, and a stern look could be seen from her pitch black pair of eyes.

Regardless of who it was, by murdering her parents, they are required to pay the price!


At night.

Darkness shrouded the skies.

An angry roar sounded from the previous quiet estate mixed with monstrous rage.

"Ye Ling and that stinky ya'tou, I want both of you to live hoping you're dead!

Just now, as soon as Ye Luo recalled the humiliation he suffered during the day, his heart felt as if ten thousands of ants were gnawing on it and become unbearable. Blue veins bulged on his tightly clenched fist, and his eyeballs were dyed red by rage, appearing as if he had bloodshot eyes.

"My son, you don't have to worry."

A sandalwood fragrance permeated the room and a graceful, beautiful lady seated on the chair. She was holding onto a teacup and lightly drank from it while a ray of light appeared in her pretty eyes. "Ye Ling's uncle is General Yi, and it isn't going to be easy if you want to deal with Ye Ling! Whereas for that ya'tou that you mentioned, her strength is definitely not that simple since she was able to harm you. This sort of woman absolutely cannot be seen by your father. Otherwise, according to his lecherous temper, he's bound to be enchanted by that ya'tou."

"Mother, I feel humiliated!"

Ye Luo clenched his fist and spoke angrily, "How can I let him off when that woman caused me to lose face in public? It'll be difficult to quell my anger if I don't complain to father!"

"My son, don't you understand your father's personality well? Regardless of the former Empress Yi or me, we obtained your father's favor because of our looks. Furthermore, your father is usually enamored with new people and since that woman is stunning, all the more she cannot be seen by your father. If he does take a liking to her, how many women in the world would refuse to become an emperor's concubine?"

In Empress Rong's mind, the emperor was the supreme ruler and there was no woman he could not obtain if he wanted to. In addition, no woman would be able to refuse becoming an emperor's concubine.

"Mother, how should I take my revenge then? Am I seriously going to let that woman humiliate me as such?"

Ye Luo felt very indignant and he wished that he could dismember Ye Ling's corpse into a thousand pieces, and then he would abduct that white-robed woman into his estate and violate her till death.

"My son, you have to know that there's no end of cheap women in the world, and they'll be wanting to cling to any influential man they see, wishing they could kneel before them! Therefore, I have an idea. Recently, the imperial family is thinking of currying favor with the people from the Luo Feng Pavilion, so we might as well gift her to their management as a concubine and get acquainted with them. After your father sees us being on good terms with those from the Luo Feng Pavilion, he'll definitely appreciate you more. As a result, the prince position would become yours."

A sinister glimmer streaked across Empress Rong's downcasted eyes as her smile became eerie and frightening as she spoke slowly.

"Wouldn't this be letting her off too easily?" Ye Luo frowned.

Mother's actions weren't punishing that woman for him but giving her an opportunity to transform from a sparrow into a phoenix. Therefore, how could he be willing?

"My son, it is Wu Zhong from Luo Feng Pavilion that I'm intending to build a relationship with. This guy is over 50 years of age and extremely perverted. Any female who becomes his woman would be subjected to death by his abuse! Furthermore, Wu Zhong's a lustful person so he'll definitely be interested in this woman."