Chapter 167: Devious Empress Rong (1)

 Chapter 167: Devious Empress Rong (1)

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Liujin Kingdom.

On the bustling street, Yun Luofeng who was currently walking amongst the crowds seemed to have noticed something as she slowly turned her head while looking back at the restless crowd behind her and slightly frowned.

"Master, did something happen?"

Seeing Yun Luofeng stopping her actions, a trace of confusion flashed across his eyes as he turned back to look at her.

Yun Luofeng then withdrew her gaze and shook her head before replying, "Nothing's wrong."

She didn't know if it was her delusion, but she felt that ever since she had left Longyuan Kingdom, there seemed to be someone tailing behind her. However, whenever she turned back, she wasn't able to locate that silhouette who was closely following her.

Could it be that I'm too exhausted recently, causing me to have illusions?

Yun Luofeng then kneaded her forehead before speaking, "Let's continue walking."


A trace of doubt contained within Ye Ling's gaze, but seeing that Yun Luofeng had no intentions of answering his question, he did not ask any further while his handsome face slightly drooped. "Master, we'll be reaching our destination shortly, and at that time, remember to stay away from Ye Luo, that scum."

Towards Ye Ling's reminder, Yun Luofeng's mouth curved into a smile that was lazy yet charming and continued heading forth.


Due to Empress Rong being greatly favored by the emperor, compared to the desolate and unfrequented Third Prince Estate, the second prince's manor was as busy as a marketplace with many small fries attempting to build good relations with the royal family, in hopes of receiving a position in the future.

At present, within the courtyard, both of Ye Luo's hands were hugging someone on both sides, and he was flirting with the ladies beside him from time to time. He wore a vulgar expression and even his hands were touching their sensitive parts.

The aristocratic children of Liu Jin Kingdom seemed to have been accustomed to this, as no one had criticized Ye Luo's sleazy behavior.

Suddenly, Ye Luo's gaze tensed up as he stared at a certain location intently as though looking at something breathtaking.

Everyone then followed his gaze and looked over. In that instant, a long snow white dress entered their line of sight, causing them to have the same stunned expression as Ye Luo.

This lady was very young, roughly fourteen to fifteen years old.

From start to finish, the young lady's face had a seductive and carefree smile. She also had a pair of deep and unfathomable dark eyes similar to stars in the night, making others deeply attracted by her eyes and incapable of looking away.

Where exactly did such a beautiful young lady come from? Furthermore, she was following beside Third Price Ye Ling? Could it be that she's a concubine of his?

As for why they had assumed this white-robed, young lady was a was because even if the Third Prince was still unable to receive the emperor's favor, but at least his talent surpasses ordinary people and he is of a noble status. Therefore, his wife must be a country's princess or a minister's daughter. A woman of unknown status could only be qualified as a concubine!

"Third Brother, you're finally here! Hahaha," Ye Luo laughed. While welcoming Ye Ling, he had a hypocritical smile on his face, with his skin smiling but not his heart. "As a prince who has been held as a hostage in another country these few years, this royal brother of yours has missed you so much and even repeatedly requested father to get you back. Alas, our father did not have the courage to request for your return from Longyuan Kingdom."

Facing Ye Luo's hypocritical display of affection, Ye Ling coldly snorted, "Is that so? Then I'd have to really thank you for that."

"Haha, what's there to be polite between us brothers?"

Ye Luo laughed while trying to pat Ye Ling's shoulder. However, when Ye Luo's hand was about to land on his shoulders, he turned his body to escape from his touch.