Chapter 166: An Invitation and Accepting the Invitation (2)

 Chapter 166: An Invitation and Accepting the Invitation (2)

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Having said that, Ye Ling's eyes were resolute and his words strong as though possessing the guts to fear no one.

"Then I can rest easy." Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows. "Ye Ling, although you and Qing Yan are both my subordinates, unlike you who used to plot against me, Qing Yan is more important to me. Though she is just a maid, she is actually my family. Before my grandfather came back, only she stayed with me and protected me from other people's attacks with her own body."

"I know." Ye Ling smiled. "In the last two years, though I was just a hostage, sometimes I could go out while being supervised by guards. Once I saw you being bullied and beaten in the street, and Qing Yan protected you with her own body. I really admired her when I saw that. I didn't expect that I would have the chance to work with her. "

The maid had always been loyal, stubborn, and tough. It was probably due to this reason that he, who had always been picky about women, was attracted to her.

"It's good that you know your own feeling," said Yun Luofeng, nodding. "If you hurt Qing Yan in the future, I won't let you go! However, aside from the matters about Qing Yan, I will always stand by your side and give you an opportunity to take revenge against your enemy.

His heart quivering, Ye Ling felt mixed feelings.

Half a year ago, he colluded with the emperor of Longyuan Kingdom to plot against her but she, on the other hand, forgot and forgave. Not only did she bestow him the chief power, but she also brought him a chance to kill his enemy.

And so he would never be able to repay her kindness in his entire life.

"Your Highness Third Prince."

While Ye Ling was filled with regrets, a servant quickly came to Ye Ling and handed an invitation card to him respectfully.

"Second Prince sent you an invitation."

Ye Ling's face darkened. He took the invitation card from the servant. After reading it, his face turned even more solemn.

"What happened?" raising her eyebrows, Yun Luofeng turned to Ye Ling and asked.

Ye Ling took a deep breath and said, "Ye Luo invited me to visit his estate."

"And then?"

If it was a mere invitation, Ye Ling would not be so angry.

Hearing Yun Luofeng's words, Ye Ling pressed his thin lips tightly, his eyes looked complex. "He told me to take you with me!"

Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin and laughed wickedly. "Since someone is inviting us, it will be impolite if we don't accept it."


Ye Ling wanted to call Yun Luofeng Master, and then he discovered that there was still a servant in the courtyard. So he choked it back and helplessly sighed. "Miss Yun, you probably don't know what kind of person Ye Luo is. He is a lecher! In addition to the girls in brothels, he also abducted countless women from decent families and raped them. According to the contents of the invitation card, I think he probably got interested in you after discovering that you've settled in my estate."

"So what?" Yun Luofeng chuckled and her face looked wicked and charming. "Ye Ling, let's go! Take me to meet the so-called Second Prince!"

Since Yun Luofeng had made up her mind, Ye Ling didn't say anything more but nodded slightly. "Alright."

He had confidence in his own master. However, he didn't feel like seeing the disgusting face of Ye Luo! How dared a scumbag like him covet his master?

However, Ye Ling also knew that Yun Luofeng accepted the invitation because Ye Ling was the son of Empress Rong who had something to do with the death of Yun Yang and his wife...