Chapter 165: An Invitation and Accepting the Invitation (1)

 Chapter 165: An Invitation and Accepting the Invitation (1)

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"What did you say?"

In a brothel, girls were singing and dancing.

Inside the box, a handsome man, surrounded by girls, slightly narrowed his eyes and stared at the loyal subordinate of his who stood in front of him, a sinister light flashed through his eyes: "My third royal brother has always been picky about a woman. Is it true that a woman settled in the Third Prince Estate?"

"Your Highness, it's completely true. I did see a beautiful woman in white enter the Third Prince Estate. And the woman is extremely beautiful, even more beautiful than the most popular courtesan of Red Flower House."

The subordinate obscenely clicked his tongue, thinking about the beautiful face he saw yesterday. If he could get such a woman, even just for one night, he would be satisfied...

"Oh?" Ye Luo's eyes lit up. "More beautiful than the most popular courtesan of Red Flower House? The bastard is really lucky! But I don't think the woman is someone decent since she just settled in the Third Prince Estate without going through a formal procedure. She must be a new courtesan of some brothel."

The subordinate had been following him for many years and had shared many beautiful women with him. But now he kept praising the woman who settled in the Third Prince Estate like this. The women must be gorgeous!

Such a stunningly beautiful woman, only he had the right to enjoy! It was not something the bastard Ye Ling deserved!

"Send an invitation to Ye Ling now. Tell him that I'm inviting him to visit my estate."

"Yes, Your Highness Second Prince."

The subordinate made a show of obeisance and withdrew from the luxurious box.

As though the subordinate's words aroused the interest of Ye Luo and simultaneously made him lose the interest in the girls around him, he waved the girls away and his shining eyes were full of greed.

He was curious about how beautiful the woman was! Even the most popular courtesan of Red Flower House was no match for her...

Early in the morning.

The whole estate was filled with the morning light, which was so warm and pleasant.

As soon as Yun Luofeng entered the courtyard, she saw a handsome young man sitting in the courtyard. His eyes were fixed at a certain place of the courtyard and something unfathomable was swirling through his eyes.

She followed the eyes of the young man only to find the little maid who was cheerfully wading in the water of a pond. Suddenly, she realized that Qing Yan's love for Ye Ling might not be one-sided.

It seemed that the relationship between the two could develop further...

"Ye Ling," she raised the corners of her lips and called him.

Coming back from his reverie, the young man in the courtyard, who was gazing at Qing Yan, quickly turned to the gorgeous girl approaching him, somewhat feeling timid. "Master, you've come?"

"Ye Ling, do you like Qing Yan?


Startled by Yun Luofeng's candor, Ye Ling blushed, his fingers nervously grabbing the bottom of his robe. "I just feel Qing Yan is very cute, like a little sister, I don't have..."

"Ye Ling, I have experienced a lot of things. Some things can never escape from my eyes." Yun Luofeng slowly turned her eyesight away from Qing Yan to Ye Ling, and asked, "I just want to ask you-since you have a noble status as the third prince of Liujin Kingdom and Qing Yan is just a little maid, if your father opposed your marriage, what will you do?"

Ye Ling quieted down and his lips lifted in a wry smile: "Father? Was he really my father? No one can stop me from doing what I want to do, including him!"