Chapter 164: A Power Rising within Half a Year (3)

 Chapter 164: A Power Rising within Half a Year (3)

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Ye Ling shook his head with a bitter taste in his heart.

"I told them that Longyuan Kingdom sent me to seduce the heiress of the General Estate, and I took the chance to escape! They did not suspect me but accepted me. It's just that my return is not in the interest of some people, so they keep sending assassins to assassinate me these days. Fortunately, I managed to greatly improve my strength this half a year, so none of the assassins succeeded."

Yun Luofeng lowered her eyes and continued to play with the brush in her hand, a subtle light flashing through her dark eyes. "Ye Ling, how's the investigation that I asked you to do? Who killed my parents?"

More than a decade ago, Yun Yang and his wife came up with a strategy to defeat the enemy when they were fighting with the army of Liujin Kingdom. However, that method was leaked by Prime Minister Mu, and the enemy took advantage of the strategy and successfully trapped them.

However, it was someone else who murdered the couple. The man must have something to do with the royal family of Liujin Kingdom!

Thus, Yun Luofeng sent Ye Ling to this country to find out the real murderer!

"I've already got some clues," said Ye Ling. "Give me some time, and I'll get to the truth, but what I can tell you is that it has something to do with Empress Rong."

Empress Rong was the second prince Ye Luo's mother, who convinced the emperor to send Ye Ling to Longyuan Kingdom as a hostage, so that she could take the chance to make her son the crown prince. Apparently, her efforts were about to pay off, but before it could happen, Ye Ling came back!

How could Empress Rong not hate him? If it were not for the fact that all the ministers favored Ye Ling and General Yi Bufan was Ye Ling's uncle, her son would have become the crown prince!

How dared Ye Ling, who had been sacrificed as a hostage, return home!

Feeling that her efforts were going to go in vain, Empress Rong felt she had to do something. That was why Ye Ling was assassinated by different assassins almost every night! However, to Yun Luofeng's surprise, the empress was also involved in her parents' death?

A thirst for blood flashing through her eyes, Yun Luofeng stopped playing with the calligraphy brush and said, "Ye Ling, I will stay in Liujin Kingdom for some time. It's not convenient for me to stay in Luofeng Pavilion, so I'll stay in your estate and take the chance to find out who was behind the death of my parents!"

"Yes, Master," Ye Ling said respectfully.

Ever since he pledged his allegiance to her half a year ago, his life was hers. He would not refuse any order of hers, even if she asked him to destroy the whole Liujin Kingdom!

"Don't call me Master while I'm staying in your estate." Yun Luofeng's eyes twinkled and she smiled. "You can just call me by name!"

In Longyuan Kingdom, the name of Yun Luofeng was widely known, but now she was in Liujin Kingdom where nobody had heard of the trash, Yun Luofeng. Thus, she just asked Ye Ling to call her by name.

"Then..." Ye Ling dithered. "I'll call you Miss Yun. It's not respectful if I just call you by your name." He dared not to call his master by name, and he didn't have the courage to do so.

"Alright," said Yun Luofeng, slowly standing up and stretching herself lazily. "I'm a little tired. Prepare a room for me, and I'll take a rest. Tell me if you get any clue."

Then she walked away from the study.