Chapter 163: A Power Rising within Half a Year (2)

 Chapter 163: A Power Rising within Half a Year (2)

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Ever since Miss tried to hang herself, she was utterly transformed into another person. But she felt the Miss now was reliable and attractive, and she liked her more and more...

"Miss, I know you're doing it for my own good, but even if we love each other, the emperor of Liujin Kingdom will not allow it. Imperial families always stick to the thought that couples should be of equal social status."

"Equal status?" Yun Luofeng chuckled. "Both of you are members of the two troops. In this sense, you two are actually of equal social status! If you really love each other, the emperor of Liujin Kingdom will never stop you! As my girl, you deserve any man! However, I can't help you if he doesn't love you. After all, love cannot be forced."

Qing Yan nodded, her comely face revealing a wry smile. "Miss, I know what you mean... "

Yun Luofeng patted Qing Yan's shoulder quietly. "Let's go, take me to Ye Ling because I want to ask him something."

"Yes, Miss."

After having been comforted by Yun Luofeng, Qing Yan regained her lively and cheerful spirit. She blinked her eyes and walked away from Luofeng Pavilion, laughing and talking.

Gazing at the happy, little maid, Yun Luofeng shook her head helplessly and a smile showed on her face, and then without preamble, she went out with Qing Yan...

In Liujin Kingdom, when princes reached their adulthood, they would leave the imperial palace and have their own estates.

At this moment, in the Third Prince Estate, Ye Ling was sitting in his study. With a book in his hand, he was absent-minded.

Just then, a squeaking sound came from the side of his foot and immediately attracted his attention.

Finding the white hamster squeaking at him by his feet, Ye Ling was startled, and then he asked, "Milk Tea, why are you here? Is it... "

As though something occurred to him, Ye Ling suddenly got excited. He slowly turned his head and looked outside of the door.

Suddenly, there was a figure of a girl in white, who was leaning against the door, reflected in his eyes.

With her arms folded and her body lazily leaning against the door, the girl cracked a stunningly beautiful smile. With her snow-white dress fluttering in the breeze, she simply looked like a celestial being.

"Hi, Ye Ling, haven't seen you in a while. I didn't expect that you would become the third prince of Liujin Kingdom again."

Ye Ling concealed the excitement in his eyes and showed a respectful expression. He quickly rose from his chair and greeted the girl at the door, "Master, what are you doing here?"

Yun Luofeng smiled wickedly. Just like a gentle breeze, she lightly entered the study and sat down on the chair in front of the desk.

"Why? you don't want me to come?" The young girl flicked her snow-white dress, crossed her legs, picked up a brush from the desk, and played with it. She looked at Ye Ling with a mischievous smile as if she was too lazy to care about anything.

"But I think you're doing well on your job."

As she looked around, the smile on her face grew bigger.

Ye Ling gave her a bitter smile, "Master, don't make fun of me. What's so good about being the third prince? I think being the vice commander of Luofeng Pavilion is way more powerful. Master, I'd rather be the vice commander of Luofeng Pavilion than the shitty third prince. "

Hearing his words, the girl burst into laughter, and then she raised her eyebrows slightly. "Tell me, what just happened here? Didn't the imperial family feel doubtful about you since you suddenly returned to Liujin Kingdom?"