Chapter 162: A Power Rising within Half a Year

 Chapter 162: A Power Rising within Half a Year

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Liujin Kingdom.

It also used to be one of the powers on the continent. However, when the general of Liujin Kingdom, Yi Bufan, was defeated by Yun Luo a few years ago, Liujin Kingdom was forced to give their third prince, Ye Ling, as a hostage and became a vassal country to Longyuan Kingdom since then.

However, within the recent six months, a power called Luofeng Pavilion suddenly appeared in Liujin Kingdom. It was said that wielding great power, Luofeng Pavilion was holding the intelligence about all the countries on the continent. Just after six months, it became known by almost everyone on the continent.

Though many influentials wanted to find out who was the master of Luofeng Pavilion, she remained very mysterious. Nobody had ever seen her, not to mention finding out her real name.

At this time, in Luofeng Pavilion, as soon as Yun Luofeng entered the hall, an agile figure that was as light as a wind rushed out and jumped at Yun Luofeng.

"Miss, I've missed you so much."

Qing Yan got really excited as soon as she saw Yun Luofeng. Unfortunately, the girl in white quickly moved to the side to dodge her. "Flop!" Qing Yan didn't have time to stop and fell to the ground heavily.

"Miss." The little maid lifted her aggrieved face and looked sadly at Yun Luofeng.

"Qing Yan, I'm here to do business and have no time to chat with you." Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips and cracked a wicked smile.

The little girl in front of her was Qing Yan, who was just promoted to be the Commander of the Raging Flame Corps.

Prior to six months, she sent Ye Ling and Qing Yan to Liujin Kingdom to create the Luofeng Pavilion and collect every possible piece of intelligence to find out the real murderer of her parents. At present, they finally had made some progress, and that's why she came to Liujin Kingdom.

"By the way, where is Ye Ling? Why isn't he here?"

Yun Luofeng looked around but did not see Ye Ling. An imperceptible light shone in her dark eyes.

After hearing this, Qing Yan's face changed slightly. "Miss, Ye Ling's identity got leaked!"

"What happened?" Yun Luofeng turned to Qing Yan. "Why didn't you tell me about this?"

Qing Yan bit her lips and her comely face turned angry. "A few days ago, Ye Ling met his half-brother, Second Prince Ye Luo on the street and got recognized by him. So it was brought to light that he was in Liujin Kingdom. Miss, can you imagine what a badass his half-brother was? Be it talent or strength, he was no match for Ye Ling. However, relying on his mother who was favored by the emperor of Liujin, he even dared to humiliate Ye Ling! It really pisses me off!"

Looking at the little maid's angry face, Yun Luofeng asked with a faint smile, "It was Ye Ling that was humiliated, not you. Why are you so mad about it? Are you and Ye Ling... "

"Miss!" Qing Yan hurriedly interrupted Yun Luofeng. She stamped her foot and her face blushed with embarrassment. "What are you talking about! Ye Ling and I are just comrades, so I don't like seeing him getting bullied! We're not like what you're thinking!"


Yun Luofeng smiled wickedly, her eyesight rested on Qing Yan. "Qing Yan, though Ye Ling is the third prince of Liujin Kingdom and you are just an ordinary little maid, you are someone I trust. If you two fall in love with each other, I will help you marry him."

Qing Yan's heart trembled; she was so moved that her clear eyes were moist with tears.