Chapter 160: Ecstatic Old Man (3)

 Chapter 160: Ecstatic Old Man (3)

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A spiritual fruit that could help a high-level spirit cultivator make a breakthrough was even more precious than a red hackberry. His granddaughter probably only had one of it.


Suddenly, an ecstatic laughter rang thoughout the underground training ground, he guffawed to vent out the excitement in his heart.

"How many years, how many years had it been since my last breakthrough? Gao Tu, you dog emperor! Just wait and see. I'll have you pay for what you've done!"

Yun Luofeng glanced at the ecstatic old man and then turned to the people of the corps. "There are three in the Steel Corps and two in the Raging Flame Corps who have become high-level spirit cultivators. Each of you can have one spiritual fruit, but I suggest you eat it when you become intermediate-rank high-level spirit cultivators, so as to make a breakthrough with it."

Caught off guard, the old man who was laughing crazily almost choked on his own saliva. His old face turned red and he started coughing.

"You bad girl, how many spiritual fruits do you have in the end?"

Grandfather finally stopped coughing and stared at Yun Luofeng angrily.

Instead of surprising him as the girl said, she had actually frightened him! If he was not strong enough, he would have had a heart attack for he couldn't stand these 'surprises'.

Yun Luofeng kept silent for a while and gave a conservative number. "Probably everyone in the two corps can have one of it."

After hearing Yun Luofeng's words, Yun Luo's heart jerked sharply and almost stopped beating.

He had thought that Yun Luofeng would only have one of this miraculous fruit. He never imagined that this girl would manage to get so many spiritual fruits in secret. So many that each member of the two corps could have one?

As if thinking that the old man wasn't shocked enough, Yun Luofeng added, "When these fruits are all consumed, I can still get some! So if any of the Yun Clan's guards becomes a high-level spirit cultivator, you can ask me for one spiritual fruit, provided that the guard is loyal to the Yun Clan!"

Going completely mad, Yun Luo seized Yun Luofeng by the collar once more and growled, "You bad girl, why not give it to me earlier since you have such a good stuff? Come on, give me a hundred of it. The more, the better. I'll never have enough of it."

Yun Luofeng slightly raised her eyebrow and flicked Yun Luo's hand off her. "Spiritual fruit only works the first time you consume it. After that, no matter how many of it you eat, it won't work anymore."

"Can't I just take it as a snack?" The old man rolled his eyes and held out his hand shamelessly. "Come on, give me some of that fruit."

Yun Luofeng's heart twitched. She took two spiritual fruits from her sleeve, somewhat reluctantly, and put them into the hands of the old man.

"That's it?"

"I only take three of them with me. Now I really don't have any of it. I've already given you all three of them. Tomorrow I will put some in your study."

Hearing Yun Luofeng's words, Yun Luo looked at her suspiciously and asked skeptically, "Is what you're saying true?"

"I swear."

Yun Luofeng nodded, looking quite sincere.

"In that case, I'll trust you one more time," said Yun Luo. Putting away the spiritual fruits, he snorted, "Remember, next time you get any good stuff, don't forget to offer it to me first."