Chapter 158: Ecstatic Old Man (1)

 Chapter 158: Ecstatic Old Man (1)

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At the moment, the old man went on a rampage. He stared at Yun Luofeng with his angry, old eyes as if he was about to bite her. Seeing this, people who didn't know their real relationship would think this girl was his enemy.

Yun Luofeng looked at the old man's hand, with which he was seizing her by the collar, and slightly raised her eyebrows. "I haven't told you yet, Second Uncle has become the Commander of the Steel Corps. In the last six months, he has been training these people for me."

"And what else?" The old man snorted bitterly.

The girl had really concealed a lot of things from him in the last six months. She didn't even tell him that she had cured Qingya's legs. How could he refrain himself from getting angry! Regrettably, he was reluctant to beat her. The only thing he could do was to roar at her to vent out his anger.

"Well... "Yun Luofeng said, feeling a little bit guilty. "You will know when you see the people of the Steel Corps."

As she spoke, uniform footsteps resounded from behind. It sounded like a group of well-trained soldiers were marching, which immediately drew the attention of the old man.

He let go of the girl in his hand and turned to look at the people marching like soldiers. Witnessing their majestic figures, he became shocked. "Are these people the hopeless trashes that I saw six months ago?"

The group of people looked just like well-trained, regular soldiers, no weaker than the imperial army! However, just half a year ago, they were just a bunch of trashes in the very bottom of the society.

"It's thanks to Second Uncle's training."

Yun Luofeng smiled. Under the leadership of Second Uncle, the Steel Corps developed rapidly, so did the Raging Flame Corps. Even she was amazed by their achievements and perseverance.

Yun Qingya smiled softly, his handsome face full of pride for Yun Luofeng. "No, my training's just played a supporting role. The person they should really thank is Feng'er. Without the Marrow-Cleansing Liquid and Spirit-Gathering Liquid she offered, their strength would not have improved so fast."

In the beginning, Yun Luo only noticed the perseverance of these people. Hearing Yun Qingya's words, he began to gauge the strengths of these people with his spiritual power.

When he had finished assessing the power of the whole corps, the old man was completely dumbfounded and was frozen like a stump in his place.

How...How was this possible?

The imperial family also had these people's talent assessed only to get the conclusion that all of these people could not even become a low-rank middle-level spirit cultivator in their entire life! But now, everyone in the corps was middle-level spirit cultivators, and some of them were even high-level spirit cultivators! Their strength was even equal to him-a general!

After all, the most powerful person in Longyuan Kingdom was just a high-rank high-level spirit cultivator!

Therefore, if Yun Luofeng showed the world the power of her troops, it would surely create a great excitement! Maybe even the people behind the royal family would be brought out!

"Feng'er, tell me, how did you manage to do this?" The old man's eyes slowly turned to Yun Luofeng. One could imagine the shock in his heart. "These people have a very low talent, so how did you manage to make them high-level spirit cultivators?"

Yun Luofeng smiled, as though it was something not worth mentioning about, her face full of confidence.

"Just as I said, when I select my men, I never care about their aptitude. Even if one has no talent, I can still turn him into a genius! The Marrow-cleansing Liquid can cleanse his marrow and transform him into a genius! After being fed with Marrow-cleansing Liquid every day, if they still can't make a breakthrough under this condition, then I don't need to form an army."