Chapter 157: Stunned Old Man (4)

 Chapter 157: Stunned Old Man (4)

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Seeing that the girl had opened the door to the underground passage, Yun Luo got back his composure, and without any hesitation, he followed Yun Luofeng down the stairs.

During the past six months, so as not to disturb Yun Luofeng, he hadn't come to the underground training ground. But now, seeing the size of the underground training ground, he was thoroughly stunned.

The huge training ground was divided into several arenas, all of which were grand and well-equipped. Looking at them from a distance, they looked so majestic and magnificent.

In addition, there were countless dwellings for people to reside in. It was warm during winter and cool during summer inside these houses, so people would feel comfortable to live in them.

"Girl, how big is the pit that you dug? How come I didn't feel anything when you were digging such a monstrous training ground?" The old man turned to Yun Luofeng and asked in disbelief.

It was hard for him to believe that the girl had dug up such an enormous pit without having anyone noticing it.

It must have taken several months to finish such a project!

"Thanks to the little guy's help," replied Yun Luofeng with a wicked smile.

As soon as she said those words, a small head stuck out from her sleeve. It was a hamster. It looked around with its adorable, huge eyes. Catching sight of Yun Luo, it squeaked.

'Is this a Gold-seeking Hamster?" The old man was even more shocked. "And it's a low-rank high-level spirit cultivator?"

That was impossible! The Gold-seeking Hamster was the most useless spiritual beast. It was said that they were unable to become even an intermediate-rank early-level spirit cultivator in their lifetime. How was it possible for this one to become a high-level spirit cultivator? Was he wrong before?

"It just became a high-level spirit cultivator yesterday." Yun Luofeng gently stroked the little head of Milk Tea with a smile. "Well, the little guy is not the surprise I want to show you. Today I bring you here to meet someone."

Just then, a voice suddenly came from behind, and the old man who was still uncertain stiffened.

"Father, are you here?"

The old man stiffly turned his head and saw a handsome and elegant face.

"Qingya, aren't you usually in the back mountain? Why are you here in the training ground? And your legs..."

It wasn't until at that moment that Yun Luo realized that the man before him was not sitting in a wheelchair but standing in front of him! He was tall, his legs were straight and instead of looking sad like he did in the past, it was replaced with confidence.

Just like the gifted young man who was admired by all the citizens of Longyuan Kingdom a decade ago.

"What...what in the world is going on here?" The old man's voice trembled slightly. "You two tell me just what is going on here?"

"Grandfather." Yun Luofeng looked at Yun Qingya and slowly walked to the old man, smiling. "Actually, I had cured Second Uncle since six months ago. It's just that he couldn't walk like how ordinary people would as he had been paralyzed for a decade, so he had to learn how to walk from the very beginning. So that's why I didn't tell you about this. Now that Second Uncle has been able to move freely, It's time for me to tell you about everything."

The old man shuddered. He watched Yun Qingya from initial astonishment to excitement, and then, appearing as though something suddenly dawned on him, he whipped around and seized Yun Luofeng by the collar, roaring angrily, "You bad girl, is there still something that I don't know? Just tell me! Now!"