Chapter 156: Stunned Old Man (3)

 Chapter 156: Stunned Old Man (3)

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Listening to his words, Chun Ninang shuddered. Apparently she really feared the man who was called Ghost Emperor.

"Don't worry, I will treat him well." Chun Ninang got back her composure and gnashed her teeth. "This guy must be crazy to mess with the Ghost Emperor's woman. Is he tired of living? I'll make him see customers tonight, and he'll have to serve a hundred guests every day before he is allowed to take a rest.

Qin Yuan nodded. "Chun Ninang, you should thank me. This crown prince is good-looking and he is still a virgin when it comes to men. He will certainly make a lot of money for you."

"Giggle," Chun Ninang smiled sweetly, covering her mouth with her hand, and threw Qin Yuan a wink. "Thank you, Young Master Qin. Next time you have this kind of good stuff, please do send it to me. To show my appreciation, I will never draw an erotic painting of you and another man."

Qin Yuan's face darkened once again. Every time he thought about how this woman would draw an erotic painting of him and another man, he would become furious.

He made a huge mistake of becoming friends with such a perverted woman. He was just too young and nave back then!

However, it was too late to regret now!


Since Mu Xingchou and his granddaughter's confession, another major event took place in Longyuan Kingdom!

The day after their confession, the crown prince disappeared! The citizens of Longyuan Kingdom were all convinced that Gao Ling was put under great pressure by Mu Wushuang. Loving a wrong person, he was so ashamed and resentful that he chose to escape from reality.

Thus, Mu Wushuang dared not to make any appearance in public and kept hiding in the Prime Minister Estate.

Only Yun Luofeng knew that this matter must have something to do with Yun Xiao! Only this man was motivated to teach Gao Ling a lesson! However, Yun Luofeng did not ask Yun Xiao about his plan and pretended that she didn't know anything and kept cultivating from early morning to night.

Fortunately, she was rewarded for her tireless cultivation-her strength was improving by leaps and bounds.

In the backyard of the General Estate.

Yun Luo frowned. He looked at the girl walking in front of him and asked with doubt. "Feng'er, where on earth are you taking me to?"

The girl slowly turned round and smiled naughtily. "You'll know when you get there. Now be mentally prepared and I will give you a big surprise."

A surprise?

Yun Luo's old face glowed with pride. "You wicked girl, did you fill up my treasury again? Hahaha, I know my granddaughter is capable. Now take me to the treasury."

Since he learnt about his granddaughter's medical skills, the old man didn't scrimp as much as he used to, and he began to spend money to his heart's content, because even if he spent all the money, since many people would send money to his residence anyway.

So why would he save money? Anyway, the money was earned by his granddaughter. It was perfectly justified for him to spend his granddaughter's money!

Yun Luofeng was speechless. "This surprise has nothing to do with the treasury. Just follow me."

It has nothing to do with the treasury?

The old man frowned again. If it was not about money, what kind of surprise would it be?

Filled with wild thoughts, the old man suddenly found that the girl in front stopped and could not help but froze for a moment. "Have we arrived?"

"Yes." The girl slowly turned around and showed a naughty smile. "It's been more than half a year since I established the Steel Corps and the Raging Flame Corps. Grandfather, it's time to show you my power! Also, I want you to meet someone."

The surprise the girl was talking about was the corps?

Again, the old man was stunned. Established only more than half a year ago, the corps was probably not quite strong. After all, nobody knew better about those people's aptitude than he did. Given this, what did the girl mean?