Chapter 155: Stunned Old Man (2)

 Chapter 155: Stunned Old Man (2)

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A woman in an emerald full-length dress gracefully and slowly walked down the stairs.

This was an extremely attractive woman! Her charm was different from the beauty of Fang Ya. Fang Ya was bewitchingly beautiful, while this woman had a seductive and coquettish manner. The way she behaved would make people feel she was trying to seduce you.

Only women from places of sensuality would give people this impression.

The forehead of the man in grey twitched. He shook his head helplessly. "Can you just save your charm when facing me? It's no wonder that my master dislikes you."

Chun Niang's face hardened for a moment, and then she took a deep breath, her charming and seductive eyes full of sadness. "Your master is always so unkind. I just want to follow him, but he just refuses me without giving it a second thought. Nevertheless, I am running such a huge Bamboo House, and he simply couldn't give me some face."

"My master does not accept female subordinates. You do know this, right? Moreover, your Bamboo House is a special place. It's strange if my master agrees to accept you as his subordinate."

Qin Yuan looked at her disdainfully. This woman was running a brothel, so how could Master not feel disgusted? And she even dreamed of following Master? Master probably wouldn't even look at her.

"I know that your master dislikes women, but the trades in my Bamboo House don't involve any woman, and your master should not be so disgusted with us." Chun Niang frowned.

"You don't get it, do you?" Qin Yuan sneered, "My master has been living a celibate life for so many years because he was waiting for his future wife. Now that he has found his future wife, he is even willing to serve as her guard and forsake his dignity."

Chun Niang's eyes lit up. "Are you serious? Is there really a woman who can tame your master? I'm really curious about who that woman is. It's a pity that I mistook your master for gay, and I even thought of making an erotic painting of your master and another man."

Qin Yuan's face went black. "Chun Niang, for the sake of our long-standing friendship, I'd like to remind you that if you dare to do master will definitely kill you! But if you make such a painting of him and his future wife, maybe my master will be pleased and have you go to Longyuan Kingdom to serve his lover. Of course, you still can't expect to be my master's subordinate."

In fact, Qin Yuan just casually told her about this, but Chun Niang actually took it seriously and began to think about it carefully.

The woman who could make Ghost Emperor surrender must be very special! So which one was the dominant one of the two? She needed to carefully think about it.

"Chun Niang, I came here today to bring you a piece of good."

Remembering his purpose, Qin Yuan threw the sack on the shoulder to the ground, and in that instant, the mouth of the sack loosened and an unconscious young man appeared before Chun Niang's eyes.

Seeing the young man's fair and handsome face, Chun Niang's eyes lit up again. "The good this time is quite good. Look at his pretty, little face! Very well, I can offer you a good price."

Qin Yuan raised the corners of his lips. "This guy is the crown prince of Longyuan Kingdom. He dared to pester our future mistress and annoyed my master, so I sent him here to let him have fun for three months! Within these three months, you shall find hundreds of strong men to serve him and just throw him back to Longyuan Kingdom after three months! Besides, our future mistress doesn't like having other people interfere in her business. You'd better not reveal it's my master that asked you to do it. Otherwise, even I will not be able to save you.