Chapter 154: Stunned Old Man (1)

 Chapter 154: Stunned Old Man (1)

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Ghost Emperor?

Gao Ling raised his head in astonishment, his eyes wide open as if he was frightened, and his handsome face turned pale.

"Did you just say...Ghost Emperor?"

The Ghost Emperor, perhaps others didn't know about him, but as the crown prince, Gao Ling knew something about the powers exceeding the imperial power.

The Ghost Emperor was a legend. Nobody had ever seen his real face!

It was said that he was powerful and bloodthirsty. By raising a hand, he could destroy a city; by lifting a foot, he could exterminate a million soldiers! Even the Spirit Sect behind the imperial family feared his power.

However, Gao Ling did not know when had he offended Ghost Emperor by trying to stealing his woman?

All of a sudden, something popped up from his mind and his face darkened.

Even though he tried to make it up with Yun Luofeng just now, it had been just a while since he left the General Estate. So the Ghost Emperor's woman couldn't be that b*tch Yun Luofeng!

Then there was only one possibility! The Ghost Emperor's woman must be Mu Wushuang!

He didn't expect Ghost Emperor would fall in love with Mu Wushuang. Considering this, he would be in trouble if he married Mu Wushuang.

"Hero," Gao Ling said with a wild gleam in his eyes, "as a matter of fact, the one Ghost Emperor should hate is not me but Yun Luofeng who had humiliated his lover."

The man in grey was dumbfounded and blinked his eyes with shock.

What did this guy mean? What did he mean by Yun Luofeng humiliating Master's lover? Isn't Master's lover Yun Luofeng? When did Yun Luofeng humiliate herself?

"Whatever you say now, It won't work." The man in grey simply ignored Gao Ling's words as he could not understand what he meant. He looked at Gao Ling, sneering, "Chun Niang is short-handed and I bet you can make her a fortune with your pretty little face!"


This time, instead of giving Gao Ling any chance to react, the man in grey raised his elbow and slammed it against his forehead. Shortly after, Gao Ling lost all consciousness.

"How dare you molest the lady!" The man in grey kicked him on the back and said angrily, "How dare a trash like you dream of making Miss Yun yours? What a big deal you think a crown prince is? And how dare you order Miss Yun to treat you? Even my master obeys Miss Yun in every way. If you have the power to order Miss Yun, does it mean you are even superior to my master?"

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got and the harder he kicked Gao Ling. If it were not for his master not wanting to disclose his own identity, he would have told him that Yun Luofeng was right the wife-to-be of the Ghost Emperor.

Let's see who would still dare to bug her at that time.

Finally, the man in grey gave Gao Ling a good kick on his crotch. Gao Ling was in so much pain that he shivered and almost woke up! Unfortunately, before he managed to do that, he got knocked out again by the man in a grey robe.

"If it were not that my Master wants to keep you alive, I would have torn you to pieces."

The man in grey grunted and deftly put Gao Ling into a sack. Then he put the sack onto his shoulders and hurtled away.

Just like the Medical Pavilion, the Bamboo House had a branch in every single country! However, the two powers had totally different influences. One was famous for medical skills and the other for entertainment.

"Oh my, look who is here! It's Young Master Qin."