Chapter 153: Regretful Crown Prince (7)

 Chapter 153: Regretful Crown Prince (7)

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It had been ten years!

The Yun Clan had endured for ten years! Now because of her existence, it was time for the Yun Clan to rise and make no one dare to offend the Yun Clan again!

"Yun Xiao, throw him out! If Gao Ling dares to take one step into the General Estate, rip one of his legs off. If he dares to take two steps in, rip both of his legs off. I'll see then how he walks into our General Estate!"

The girl flicked her sleeves and sat down, her legs crossed. She looked so dominant and domineering that people would tremble under her glare.

She was like a real queen, sitting on her throne and looking down at Gao Ling.

Before Gao Ling got the time to respond, a tall black figure had appeared before him. He felt a freezing and blood-thirsty breath on his face, his heart missing several beats.

And then...

A powerful force struck over his chest. All of a sudden, his body, like an arrow being shot at a great speed from a bowstring, flew out of the courtyard.

Nobody saw that after Yun Xiao threw Gao Ling out, his cold eyes casually glanced at an ancient tree nearby, and then a gray figure rushed out from behind the ancient tree and disappeared outside the courtyard in the blink of an eye. It happened in the blink of an eye that almost nobody had noticed it.


Outside the gate of the General Estate, the crowd gathered around and laughed at Gao Ling, who had just flown out of the General Estate.

Feeling humiliated, Gao Ling quickly got up and hurried to the other side of the street, not detecting that a grey figure was closely following him...

As soon as Gao Ling turned into a lane, a fist suddenly came from behind, making contact on Gao Ling's back.


Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Gao Ling turned to the man in grey behind him and asked angrily, "Who are you? Why did you attack me?"

"Gee," The man in grey stroked his chin and clicked his tongue. "The crown prince of Longyuan Kingdom looked really pretty and delicious. If I sell you to the Bamboo House, I may probably get a good price."

Gao Ling's face turned completely pale when he heard the man's words.

Everyone on the Continent knew about the Bamboo House!

Although the name of the Bamboo House looked elegant, it was actually a brothel. Different from ordinary brothels, the prostitutes there were all men! And all of its guests were men! The Bamboo House was simply a paradise for perverted pederasts!

As for the owner of the Bamboo House, it was said that it was a woman, but no one had ever seen her real face.

"Hero," Gao Ling took a deep breath, suppressed his inner rage and asked, "may I know what I've done to offend you?"

"You didn't offend me but my master." The man in grey glanced at Gao Ling and gloated, "But you are really a daredevil. How dare you even try to steal my master's woman? Are you getting tired of living? It just serves you right to be sold to the Bamboo House and have you scr*wed by men."

Poor Lin Qiong, it was said that he was remanded and punished by Master because he disappointed the lady! So he must perform well to avoid the same fate as him.

"Who is your master?" Gao Ling paused.

The strength of the man in grey was so great that even the first martial arts master of the imperial family was probably no match for him. Given that, his master must be even stronger!

"You don't even know who my master is?" The man in grey looked at Gao Ling with contempt. "Of course, you don't deserve to know the name of my master. You just need to know that he is called the "Ghost Emperor."