Chapter 152: Regretful Crown Prince (6)

 Chapter 152: Regretful Crown Prince (6)

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Gao Ling's face turned ghastly pale and he bellowed furiously, "Yun Luofeng, how dare you hook up with a common guard! You are really a shameless b*tch! I think I must be crazy trying to make up with you! Without you, I can still have a lot of women! With my noble status, there are countless women begging for my love. Now you've lost the chance to become my woman. You better not regret it!"

He had gone crazy due to rage. How dared this woman flirt with a guard in front of him!

And she would rather choose a common guard than him?

Be it status or strength, he was way stronger than this guard! Losing the chance to become his crown princess, Yun Luofeng would definitely regret it one day!

"Same to you," Yun Luofeng retorted with a smile. "I'd like to remind you though. Since you have bedded so many women, there is a high chance for you to have contracted a venereal disease. Then you'd better not come beg me to treat you because I will not treat any member of the imperial family!"

The girl's words suddenly brought Gao Ling back to reality.

How could he forget that he came here to seek for the treatment of his disease? However, was he driven mad by the two who were flirting in front of him and forgot his original purpose?

Even the people of the Medical Pavilion said that only Yun Luofeng could cure him. He couldn't give up this chance.

"Yun Luofeng, was it you that made me lose all my spiritual energy? Now I'm giving you a chance. Cure me and we're even."

The more Gao Ling thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible. Yun Luofeng must have done something bad to him that day by the Qin River, and that was why he lost all his spiritual energy!

"I've told you I will not treat you," said Yun Luofeng with a sneer.

"You... "Gao Ling was just going to swear, but then he choked it back, his face all ghastly pale. "I am the crown prince! You are just a daughter of a general. I command you to treat me!"

"Command?" Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows. "Do you know what the Medical Pavilion had paid for my service? Not only did they give me a red hackberry tree, but they also sincerely and respectfully asked for my help. That was why I was willing to help them. You think you can make me treat you with an order? That's just ridiculous!

As though finding Gao Ling's words seriously absurd, Yun Luofeng laughed out loud. "Gao Ling, ten years ago, my second uncle was seriously injured. To save my second uncle's life, my grandfather went to the imperial palace for help. However, your royal family simply refused to help us even though my grandfather had knelt down before the royal physician! Now why should I save you? If your father is on his knees before my grandfather, maybe I'll think about it.

Ten years ago, with a single word, Gao Tu could have saved Second Uncle from the pain of being paralyzed for ten years. Unfortunately, in the end, Gao Tu simply refused to give that word to Grandfather! So if they wanted her to save Gao Ling, they should have Gao Tu on his knees before Grandfather, and maybe she might then consider it.

But that was just her considering it. It was not certain yet that she would actually save him!

"Don't push me too hard, Yun Luofeng. My father is an emperor and Yun Luo is only a minister! If an emperor wants one to die, one must die! If my father wants to kill Yun Luo, he also just needs to utter a single word. If it is not for Yun Luo defending the border for many years, considering what you've said just now, everyone in your family will be exterminated!"

With a sneer, Yun Luofeng said rebelliously, "I am not afraid of your royal family, if I may say so myself. I don't know what the 'if an emperor wants one to die, one must die' crap means. I only know if anyone dares to attack the Yun Clan, I will have every member of his family exterminated."