Chapter 148: Regretful Crown Prince (2)

 Chapter 148: Regretful Crown Prince (2)

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Such a concupiscent tyrant was not worthy of his loyalty!

Yun Luofeng walked slowly to the tombstones, looking straight at the inscriptions on the tombstones as if she was looking at the respected couple on the battlefield.

"Dad, mom, I've come to see you... "

She was not the real Yun Luofeng and was just trying to survive with this body! However, after having been merged with the body, she gradually felt similarly to the real owner of this body.

"You can rest assured, I will avenge you sooner or later! Be it the prime minister, the fatuous emperor, or those who really killed you, I will make them pay for what they've done to you!

Listening to the girl's words, the old man showed a gratified smile. However, when he turned to Mu Xingchou who had been taken to the graves, his old face suddenly fell.

"Mu Xingchou, you old thief, it serves you just right, hahaha!" Yun Luo laughed. Though his smile was bright, his eyes were grim. "Now kneel down."


Mu Xingchou got quite furious and was about to rebut the old man. "Bang!" At this moment, someone kicked hard at the back of his knee. Caught off guard, he knelt down on the ground heavily.


This was a great humiliation!

Mu Xingchou's head was pressed to the ground. He clenched his fist, his eyes full of shame and anger.

He had never been humiliated like this since he gained power. He would bear in mind what they had done to him today. One day, he would make all the men of the General estate kneel before him and beg for his mercy.

"Yang'er, Ling'er, have you seen this in heaven?" Yun Luo looked up at the sky and shouted out loud, "During that year, the son of a b*tch leaked information and had you killed! But the emperor forgot your contribution and chose to take sides with him. Now I'll make them kneel down and kowtow to your graves for a thousand times. Hope that your souls can rest in peace."

While speaking, tears were running down from the old man's face.

How many years had it been?

For how many years had been waiting for this day?

And he would never forget that when he went to His Majesty to report what they had done back then, His Majesty just said lightly. "Now that things have happened, an investigation will be a waste of time. What's more, Mr. Mu didn't do it deliberately. How about this? Let him apologize to you. As you know, it's impossible for the dead to come back to life. Please contain your grief."


This man murdered his son and daughter-in-law and just got away with a simple apology?

Therefore, due to rage, he summoned all the soldiers from the border and trod down the estate of Mu Xingchou! Since then, he no longer wanted to get involved in wars of the country. However, hearing that people living on the border were in an abyss of suffering, he couldn't ignore it but chose to lead the soldiers to the battlefield!

"Grandpa." Seeing that the old man seemed to be unable to control his emotions, Yun Luofeng quickly came to him and supported him with her hands. She frowned slightly. "It's getting late, and I must take you back to have a rest. So I'll have Yun Xiao supervise them to complete kowtowing a thousand times."


Yun Luo closed his eyes. Even though he had waited a long time for this scene, he still felt like there was a huge rock in his heart, and he couldn't breathe.

If he could, he wished he had never been a general, so that Yun Yang and his wife would not die on the battlefield.

After walking out of the pine forest, Yun Luofeng slowly stopped. With her dark eyes looking at the old man beside her, she asked, "Grandpa, do you blame me for not killing Mu Xingchou?"