Chapter 146: Mu Wushuangs Crimes

 Chapter 146: Mu Wushuang's Crimes

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At the clamorous city entrance, after everyone started discussing amongst themselves, Mu Wushuang clenched the letter of confession in her hands, her lowered eyes flashing with an icy light.

She will eventually pay Yun Luofeng back for today's humiliation!

Thinking this, Mu Wushuang suppressed the fury in her heart and unfolded her letter of confession. "I, Mu Wushuang, have crimes that fill the heaven and have killed countless of people."

Killed countless of people?


Mu Wushuang's words were akin to a sudden clap of thunder, ferociously shaking everyone's heart. They dumbfoundedly stared at the pale-faced Mu Wushuang; in that instant, they actually suspected their ears had problems.

Facing those astonished gazes, Mu Wushuang's head remained lowered, and the hand clasping the letter of confession started trembling slightly. "Not only did I secretly send Crown Prince a message more than half a year ago and had him find a man to frame Yun Luofeng for dallying with a beautiful man in the middle of the street, destroying Yun Luofeng's reputation, but I also had a bunch of woman from Longyuan Kingdom, who were pestering the Crown Prince, secretly killed, and then shifted the blame to someone else!"

"Yun Luofeng's reputation of having big boobs with no brain and being perverted and easily infatuated was spread by me. The point was to break Crown Prince and her engagement so that I could become Longyuan's Crown Prince Consort. Ten years ago, I also had my master do nothing to save Yun Qingya from dying. Most importantly, I had a younger sister with the same father but different mother. One time, I accidentally discovered that she was infatuated with Crown Prince, so this sister of mine also died in my hands."

Longyuan Kingdom's citizens remembered Prime Minister Estate had a second miss indeed. This Second Miss did not have Mu Wushuang's innate talent and intelligence and also did not have the status of a direct descendant, only mothered by a concubine, so not many people cared about her death.

What was unexpected was that Prime Minister Estate's second miss died at the hands of Mu Wushuang.


Everyone was stunned!

If Mu Xingchou's actions made them endlessly sigh, then Mu Wushaung's behavior threw them into disbelief! Everyone could not believe that Prime Minister Estate's Eldest Miss, who was graceful and dignified in front of everyone, was actually a person who killed her own sister?

Yun Luofeng faintly smiled, her eyes glancing at the crowd and surprisingly spotted a deathly pale face in the crowd.

Inside the crowd, Mu Shen staggered back, his pale face was infuriated as he unwaveringly glared at Mu Wushuang!

"It turns out that Xue'er was killed by her! For the crown prince, she killed my younger sister, Mu Rongxue!" Hate gushed from Mu Shen's heart, a heaven-shattering fury burning in his heart.

The current citizens of Longyuan seemed to have forgotten that Prime Minister Estate's Second Miss and Mu Shen were both the children of a concubine and born from the same mother! Hearing this explosive news now, how could he not have hate in his heart?

The people beside him could even hear the sound of Mu Shen gritting his teeth.

"You killing your younger sister, does Mu Xingchou know about this?" Yun Luofeng raised her lips in a faint smile and asked, her bewitching look slowly swept across the ashen Mu Xingchou.

Mu Wushuang's face was also ghastly white and colorless. She glanced at Mu Xingchou and gnashed her teeth before saying, "My grandfather...he knows! Mu Rongxue is a mere daughter of a concubine, I'm the daughter of the legal wife. Do you think my grandfather will favor a concubine's daughter?"

Hearing Mu Wushuang's words, Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes, her dark eyes flashing with a wicked light. "You two deserve to be grandfather and granddaughter. One stole his sister-in-law and murdered his brother, the other...did not let off her own younger sister! As expected, beasts become a family."