Chapter 145: Disgracing Oneself (4)

 Chapter 145: Disgracing Oneself (4)

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"I, Mu Xingchou, have committed many wrongs over the years," Mu Xingchou spoke with a trembling voice. "My most regretful mistake is being lustful and causing Junior General Yun and Young Madam to lose their life on the battlefield. Even if I used my entire life, I would never be able to redeem myself from this sin."

Mu Xingchou's expression became more and more unsightly, the hand grasping the letter of confession also shook even more, his eyes full of despair.

"Second, when I was young, I had an affair with my sister-in-law and was accidentally discovered by my elder brother. To prevent this matter from being known, I poisoned my elder brother and claimed that he died from an illness to the public."


The crowd went into an uproar. No matter what, the people would not have imagined that not only did Mu Xingchou have an illicit affair with his sister-in-law but also plotted the death of his biological brother. Why didn't God take a bastard like this?

It was truly as Yun Luofeng said: "Nice people don't live long while bad people live for millenniums!" Compared with Junior General Yun, who devoted himself to the country and people, this Mu Xingchou was the one who was actually guilty of monstrous crimes!

"Third, because my parents were suspicious of the cause of my elder brother's death, I was afraid they wouldn't forgive me after finding out, so I struck first and killed them! To everyone else, I said that my parents could not handle my elder brother's death, so they hung themselves."

The crowd was stunned by Mu Xingchou's words yet again.

They initially thought that Mu Xingchou stealing his sister-in-law and murdering his brother were already cruel enough, but, unexpectedly, he even killed his own parents? Why would a person like this still be alive?

God was truly blind!

Following this, whenever Mu Xingchou announced one of his crimes, the shock in everyone's heart deepened to another degree.

Fratricide, parricide, stealing of sister-in-law, abduction of children, scorning of the law-there was not a single thing that Mu Xingchou had not done! It could be said that every crime that someone could commit, he had committed them all-not a single one was left out!

Mu Xingchou's expression shifted from its original livid expression to a pale one. In the end, his face was drained of all colors, except for a pallid gray. Until he himself became numb, as though he was a machine and only knew to read from the letter of confession, not omitting a single word.

After he reported more than one hundred crimes one by one, the entire street at the city's entrance grew silent, so silent that even the sound of a breeze could be clearly heard...

"Mu Wushuang, your turn now."

Yun Luofeng turned to look at Mu Wushuang with a bewitching smile on her lips. "Are you planning to report your crimes yourself, or should I assist you?"

The help that she spoke of was, of course, brute force! If Mu Wushuang was adamant about not admitting her crimes, she did not mind using brute force to make her concede.

Mu Wushuang's expression became ghastly white in an instant. She tightly bit her lips and silently looked at Yun Luofeng.

"Mu Wushuang? Is it possible that Mu Wushuang has also committed a sin? That can't be right, Mu Xingchou has certainly done many evil deeds, but what does this have to do with her? Mu Wushuang is graceful and kind, she couldn't have done wicked things."

"Cluck cluck, haven't you heard of a saying? One may know a person for a long time without understanding their true nature. Medical Pavilion has a great prestige on this continent, and since these matters were investigated by them, it can't be fake."

Following Yun Luofeng's words, the silent city entrance went into an uproar again. The people whispered into each other's ear while their eyes revealed their astonishment.

Besides Mu Wushuang, the old man and three little ones from Mu family were all terrible!

Everyone knew that Mu Xingchou was shameless and lecherous, leaking intelligence for women and dragging Junior General Yun and his wife down! The eldest young master of Mu Family, Mu Wuchen, was cold, arrogant, vicious, and malicious, looking down on everyone! Second Young Master Mu Shen was a proper hedonistic son of the affluent, always bringing a crowd of people with him to cause trouble. Last time, he was even ruthlessly beaten up by the guards of the Yun household who were protecting Yun Luofeng.

Only Mu Wushuang had a graceful and kindhearted disposition, never committing any evil deeds. How could you make the people believe she would also have a letter of confession?

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