Chapter 144: Disgracing Oneself (3)

 Chapter 144: Disgracing Oneself (3)

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The girl's voice was so potent that Mu Xingchou almost lowered his head to the dust.

The events from ten years ago were actually known by the people of Longyuan Kingdom. It was just because Prime Minister Mu was so influential that nobody dared to speak for the victims.

"What do you mean when you say that they deserve it because they had committed too many evil deeds?" Yun Luofeng laughed, full of contempt. Her laughter rang once again at the gate of the city, "All I know is that nice people don't live long while the wicked ones survive for millenniums! My parents were framed by petty men. They got murdered by an old thief, Mu Xingchou! Still, he was totally unrepentant after murdering them. So today, I'm here to make Mu Xingchou confess all the evil deeds that he has done over the years to vent out the anger of my parents!"


Someone in the crowd took the lead to applaud and the others followed. At this moment, all the people on the scene burnt with rage.

"Junior General Yun was young and talented, and his wife was also valiant. They are both heroes in our minds! I don't believe such heroes would be killed on the battlefield for committing evil deeds. They were murdered by Mu Xingchou as they tried to defend our country!"

"Yes, so many young talents have died on the battlefield. Were all of them killed for doing evil deeds? One of my uncles died in the battlefield, and he has always been a nice man! I don't believe that God will really punish the bad guys! If God had eyes, there wouldn't be so many wars."

Looking at these angry people, Yun Luofeng slightly raised the corner of her mouth. She recognized the first guy who applauded! He was a shop assistant of Medical Pavilion!

It was a no-brainer that Elder Rong sent this guy here.

"Miss Yun, they should kneel down before the grave of Junior General Yun and apologize to him!"

"Exactly, they must apologize. If they don't apologize, they should pay Junior General Yun and his wife with their life."

The reaction of the people was very intense. At this moment, they threw all of their scruples away, and some people even spat at Mu Xingchou who was utterly embarrassed.

Of course, Yun Luofeng understood that these people dared to stand up because they saw how discomfited Mu Xingchou was. If they were faced with that high-spirited Prime Minister Mu, they would not dare to utter a single word.

"You can rest assured." Yun Luofeng raised her hand to put a stop to all the angry voices. "I made them come here because the Medical Pavilion had discovered all the evil deeds that the Mu Family had done over the years. After this matter here is settled, I will make them go to my parents' graves and apologize to them!"

Actually, these things were discovered by Elder Ning, but the citizens did not know who Elder Ning was, so Yun Luofeng had to mention the Medical Pavilion. With the reputation of Medical Pavilion, nobody would doubt the authenticity of her accusation.

Mu Xingchou looked pale. Just now, someone spat at him when he did not pay attention. The saliva smelled so disgusting that he almost threw up.

"Mu Xingchou," Yun Luofeng turned to Mu Xingchou. "Show me your letter of confession. Confess all the crimes that you have committed over the years. If you dare to conceal any of your crimes, I'll rip off one of your arms!"

Mu Xingchou harshly shuddered. He could barely keep ahold of the letter of confession in his trembling hands.