Chapter 143: Disgracing Oneself (2)

 Chapter 143: Disgracing Oneself (2)

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"You..." Mu Xingchou was so angry that he became speechless and subconsciously looked at Gao Tu. Upon seeing that Gao Tu had his eyes closed the entire time and did not pay attention to their dispute, his heart fell into despair little by little.

"Yun Luofeng," Mu Wushuang suppressed the envy bursting from her heart and coldly gazed at Yun Luofeng, hate flashing through her beautiful eyes, "I, Mu Wushuang, am willing to admit my loss. I promise you that I will head to the city gate tomorrow. Except...I hope you won't regret today's events!"

In Longyuan, if she did not have the protection of the imperial family, she was no match for the Yun Family!

The reason was none other than the fact that the Yun Family had an insurmountable presence like Yun Luo! As long as Yun Luo did not die, she had no way of destroying Yun Luofeng, that b*tch.

Whenever Mu Wushuang thought of Yun Luofeng's medical skill, it was as though claws were mercilessly scratching her heart, making her feel extremely agonized! If she didn't eliminate her, she would not feel at ease in her entire life!

"Great, I will wait for your arrival at the city gate tomorrow." After speaking these words, Yun Luofeng lazily stretched and moved around her shoulders as the corner of her lips bewitchingly raised. "Yun Xiao, let's go home."

After saying this, she slowly turned around and headed out of the main hall.

The rays of the setting sun fell onto the girl's snow-white robes, suffocating in its beauty.

Yun Xiao was akin to a loyal guard, following and standing beside Yun Luofeng all along. The man's face was always without a single expression and was cold, as though nothing could move him.

"Hoho," Elder Ning chuckled and meaningfully watched the two youngsters' departing figures as he pointedly stated, "I'm quite curious where Yun'yatou got the luck to pick up a man like this. General Yun, your Yun Family is very blessed this time, haha."

After loudly laughing twice, he headed out the main hall, only leaving behind a confused Yun Luo...


Ever since the main hall's events spread around, Yun Luofeng's reputation was suddenly known all throughout Longyuan Kingdom.

It could be described with five words: Becoming famous with one treatment!

All the people who once mocked and ridiculed her immediately changed their attitude, itching to kneel and lick her boots.

So what if Yun Luofeng could not cultivate? She was a godly doctor! With the existence of her godly doctor reputation, there were numerous strong people who wished to escort her! She could basically travel unhindered on the continent.

Although Yun Luofeng rescued Elder Ning by Qin River that day, there were still many people who held a skeptical attitude! However, now that there were so many major ministers from the palace heading to General Yun's estate to vie for her favor, the excitement that Yun Luofeng brought them could be imagined.

At this time, outside the city gate of the Imperial City, Mu Xingchou and Mu Wushuang from the Prime Minister Estate both stood at the gate in a sorry state with an incredibly embarrassed expression.

A group of guards stood behind them like an unmovable mountain, not allowing them any room for escape, so the duo can only accept everyone's stunned or shocked gaze.

"Everyone," Yun Luofeng swept her eyes across the awkwardly standing pair before turning to the people standing in a circle and watching, and her peerlessly beautiful face was haughty and cold. "I'm sure you all know about the events that happened to our General Estate 10 years ago."

10 years ago?

Hearing this sensitive number, the mass whispered into each other's ears, their astonished eyes casting glances at Mu Xingchou and his granddaughter every now and then.

"Ten years ago, my parents led an army to war, but because Prime Minister Mu Xingchou was lascivious and fell into the enemy army's evil plan, causing intelligence to be leaked and my parents to die on the battlefield!" A deep pain appeared on Yun Luofeng's features, and her voice also became harsher. "However, Mu Xingchou, this old thief, did not demonstrate any repentance in spite of everything! Not only did he refuse to admit his wrong, he even deemed that my parents must have deserved it for doing something wicked!"