Chapter 137: Becoming Famous with One Treatment (3)

 Chapter 137: Becoming Famous with One Treatment (3)

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Gao Tu's expression grew livid, and his gaze toward Yun Luofeng revealed malice.

Yun Xiao detected Gao Tu's gaze and slightly knitted his sword-like brows. He hid Yun Luofeng's body behind him to block Gao Tu's sight.

If it weren't for Yun Luofeng disliking other people interfering with her matters, Gao Tu deserved to die ten thousand times for this one look thrown at her!

"Yun'yatou, tell me the name of the medicinal herbs, and I will go retrieve them for you right now!"

Elder Rong boisterously laughed, in an extremely cheerful mood.

Every 100-year-old medicinal herb was priced astronomically at the Medical Pavilion! Normally, they could not even sell one in a single month. It was unexpected that they could sell this many in such a short time! One could just imagine how the emperor's treasury will bleed a lot this time.

"Additionally, although the treatment this time resulted from Mu Wushuang and my bet, I once vowed to my master that I wouldn't treat any patient who didn't pay!"

Of course, the master that she spoke of did not exist, but she was using it as a shield once more. However, when Elder Rong heard these words, his eyes abruptly lit up, and these words further confirmed the conjecture in his heart.

Wasn't that godly doctor extremely greedy? It was said that in order to find him to treat you, besides meeting his eyes, you are also required to spend an enormous amount of wealth!

Don't have any money? Then he probably would not even meet you.

So Elder Rong had then become thoroughly convinced that Yun Luofeng is that godly doctor's disciple.

If Yun Luofeng knew Elder Rong's thoughts, she would definitely inwardly sigh.

This misunderstanding was quite deep...

"Yun Luofeng, you haven't even cured him yet, and you're already asking for money?" Mu Xingchou rushed to speak and angrily glared at Yun Luofeng. "Moreover, I have never heard someone considering a bet as a treatment and even demanding money."

Yun Luofeng sighed and said with distress, "I also can't do anything about it. I swore a serious vow in front of my master to not treat any patient who didn't pay! Otherwise, he would kick me out of his tutelage."

Xiao Mo, who had stayed in the God Space for a long time without speaking, could not help but laugh out loud after hearing Yun Luofeng's words.

As expected! If his master did not cheat people, then it would not be her! She still did not forget to mercilessly swindle some money despite being in this type of situation!

"Yun Luofeng, how much compensation do you want?" Gao Tu asked with gritted teeth and an unsightly expression.

Yun Luofeng's eyes flickered a few times as she stated with a faint smile, "Not much, 50 million taels-in gold!"

If it was 50 million taels in silver, it was still acceptable, but she was actually demanding gold?

Gao Tu clenched his fists and snorted, "Yun Luofeng, if you are unable to turn Lin-gonggong into a real man, Zhen will not give you a single tael!"

Besides Gao Tu, even all the ministers present believed that Yun Luofeng would be unable to restore Lin-gonggong's masculinity, which is why she found such a poor excuse! Now that His Majesty already promised her, let's see what other excuses she could find!

Just as all the ministers speculated, the young girl's languid and bewitching voice was slowly heard in the main hall, "Alright, if I fail, I won't accept a single copper coin. If I succeed, I want the imperial clan to fulfill their promise and pay the treatment fee of 50 million gold taels!"

She agreed?

Everyone was taken aback, their astonished gaze all darted toward the absolutely beautiful, white-robed young lady in the middle of the main hall.

Could it be that she actually was not finding an excuse for her incompetence when she suggested 50 million gold taels? But something like turning a eunuch into a real man was simply too preposterous! How could that be possible?

Absolutely not possible!

All the ministers consoled themselves; they definitely would not believe that Yun Luofeng's medical skill has reached this level of brilliance.