Chapter 136: Becoming Famous with One Treatment (2)

 Chapter 136: Becoming Famous with One Treatment (2)

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"Of course it will be your defeat," Mu Wushuang stated in a matter-of-fact manner. "You were the one who suggested the competition, but the topic was proposed by me. So if you succeeded in making Lin-gonggong a man again, I will concede defeat; likewise, it will be your loss."

Anyone could hear these unfair terms, and it made all the ministers present whisper to each other, but no one dared to raise any question.

Yun Luo slightly wrinkled his brows and was about to refute when a loud laughter suddenly came from Gao Tu, who was sitting high above them.

"General Yun, it was your granddaughter who proposed the bet after all, so it can't be that your Yun family wants to back out, right? Moreover, since Mu Wushuang is the one being challenged, regardless of whether it's the topic or the terms, it should be determined by her. There's nothing wrong with that."

Gao Tu's heart still favored the Prime Minister Estate, so he sided with Mu Wushuang despite being in front of Elder Rong.

What's more, he was only the spectator to a competition and was not harming Yun Luofeng! Even Elder Rong could not say anything about that! After all, people of the Medical Pavilion still needed to consider the Spirit Sect behind him.

"Haha," Elder Ning chuckled dryly and said derisively, "so this is how the Longyuan Kingdom's imperial family behaves! As far as I know, not only did the Prime Minister Mu not make any contributions to Longyuan, but he almost encumbered the entire kingdom. Just because his daughter is this kingdom's Noble Consort, it made Longyuan favor him, so you did not hesitate to forsake General Yun Luo, who has worked hard and achieved great things."

The favoritism of Longyuan Kingdom was simply too blatant. Yun Luo had worked hard and achieved distinguishable deeds, but he could not compare to a Noble Consort daughter.

"Girl, do you have confidence?" Elder Rong tightly frowned and looked at Yun Luofeng while asking, "If you're not sure, Elder Rong will definitely protect you even if I have to sacrifice this face!"

Although Elder Rong knew Yun Luofeng had outstanding medical skills, this ability to grow meat out of bones 1 was still too miraculous, and typically would not be achieved by anyone for certain.

Yun Luofeng smiled, her bewitching and awe-inspiring gaze directed at Gao Tu, who was sitting on the imperial throne. "I don't understand why my old man pledged fealty and allegiance to a sovereign like you for all these years. More than that, my parents died too unjustly and undeservingly!"

"Yun Luofeng!" The rage in Gao Tu's chest combusted, and his glare, which was as sharp as a sword, shot toward Yun Luofeng. "This bet was made by you. Is it possible that you would like to back out now?"

Yun Luofeng smiled indifferently. "I, Yun Luofeng, have always kept my word and won't be the same as your imperial clan who never honors its promises."

She was referring to the matter of how she did not need to kneel in front of those from the imperial clan whenever she saw them! However, when Gao Tu heard those words, it clearly turned into a different meaning.

"Zhen has indeed made the engagement between Crown Prince and you, but who knew you would actually be a trash! As a trash, how are you worthy of being the mother of the country? Therefore, reneging on the promise wasn't Zhen's fault, and you should blame your own failure to live up to expectations!"

Yun Luofeng slightly raised her brow but did not explain Gao Tu's misunderstanding. Her wicked eyes slowly turned to Elder Rong.

"Elder Rong, your Medical Pavilion's medicinal ingredients are more numerous, could I please inconvenient you to send these medicinal herbs here? Remember, the herbs that I want must be over a hundred years old, the more valuable the better. In addition, charge these medicinal herbs to the imperial clan's account."

Translator's Thoughts

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[1] "Grow meat out of bones" ( or ) means "reviving a dead person," basically a medical feat that should be impossible.