Chapter 134: Extremely Shameless (5)

 Chapter 134: Extremely Shameless (5)

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His words implied that the death of Yun Luofeng's parents did not have much of anything to do with him!

So what if he leaked some intelligence? If they were not meant to die, then they would not have died! Since they died, it proved that the King of Hell wanted to take them! Besides, he had already apologized. Did the Yun Family have to push him this far?

When he thought of how Yun Luo led the army to pulverize his estate during that time, his heart was full of resentment!

"Yun Luofeng, your parents died early, so you should think about whether your parents did some wicked deeds; otherwise, the King of Hell wouldn't have taken them! Don't continue blaming our Mu Family! I have already made the necessary apologies because I, Mu Xingchou, have a clear conscience!"

Yun Luofeng started laughing. "Back then, the two armies were at war, and my parents got caught up in a bitter fight, so they came up with a countermeasure. However, this plan required other people to support them! So my father sent a letter to the Imperial City that very night, but the emperor trusted you too easily and ordered you to meet up and cooperate with my parents! Yet, you were too lecherous and fell into the enemy country's honey trap, leaked the intelligence and even exposed my parents' position, causing my parents to die. Wouldn't that be your fault?"

Mu Xingchou's expression transformed and he stubbornly insisted, "I can only say that your parents must have done something wicked, so the King of Hell took their life. I didn't do anything wrong! Moreover, it's normal for someone to die when two armies are at war, so this has nothing to do with me."

Faced with Mu Xingchou's shameless denial, all of the ministers felt disdainful. But what could they do when the other party had a noble consort as a daughter? No matter how much contempt they felt, they did not dare to reveal a single trace of it on their face.

Yun Luofeng coldly chuckled and turned to the two elderly men behind her, the corner of her lips slightly raised. "Elder Rong, Elder Ning, I know that you want to avenge me, but I still think that it would feel more refreshing if I did it myself. You don't need to get involved with this matter. I will handle the rest."

The two elderly men nodded, their gaze towards Mu Xingchou was filled with mockery.

They had seen shameless before, but they had never seen something so shameless to this degree! Today's events were a true eye-opener for them!

"Mu Wushuang," after saying these words, Yun Luofeng's bewitching eyes turned to Mu Wushuang again, "since you take pride in your medical skills the most, would you dare to compete with me here? If I lose, my fate will be left to you. If you lose, I want everyone in your Mu Family to kneel down and admit your wrong in front of my parents' graves! In addition, write a list of all your crimes and everything that your Prime Minster Estate has done all these years, and post it on the city wall for everyone to see!"

Mu Wushuang's complexion completely transformed; it was difficult for her to agree to Yun Luofeng's two demands.

She could not accept kneeling down in front of a grave to admit her wrong, and let's not even mention publicizing every single one of the Prime Minister Estate's crime! If she really did that, the reputation of the Prime Minister estate would definitely be destroyed in one day.

Even the position of the crown prince's consort would no longer be hers as a consequence.

Mu Wushuang viciously gnawed on her lips, a hint of struggle appeared on her graceful and beautiful face and her brows furrowed. It was evident that she was pondering whether to accept Yun Luofeng's challenge.

"Hahaha, Mu Xingchou, do you still remember what you have told me?" Yun Luo guffawed and derisively remarked, "You said that your Mu Family produced Noble Consort Mu and also has Mu Wushuang now, so no matter how many geniuses my General Estate has, it still wouldn't compare to how your Prime Minister Estate can whisper to Your Majesty's ear! Now, if Mu Wushuang declines my granddaughter's suggestion, it will mean that you admit the people of your Prime Minister are inferior to my granddaughter!"