Chapter 132: Extremely Shameless (3)

 Chapter 132: Extremely Shameless (3)

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Mu Xingchou and Mu Wushuang walked until they were in front of Gao Tu and both performed the ritual bows as they respectfully greeted, "This servant (female servant) pays respect to Your Majesty."

"Rise," Gao Tu lifted his hand and stated indifferently, "Wushuang, Yun Luofeng claims that you have continuously humiliated her all these years, is that true?"

Mu Wushuang looked up with astonishment, dumbfoundedly turning to Yun Luofeng. It was a long while before she recovered and righteously stated, "Yun Luofeng, your strength is useless, so not only are you bullied by other people, but you are also met with the fate of Crown Prince breaking off the engagement. What does this have to do with me though? Don't maliciously slander me! I, Mu Wushaung, have never done anything to hurt you! If I really did, there is absolutely no way that I would deny it!"

Anyway, it was impossible for Yun Luofeng to know about all the things that she had done over the years, so as long as she did not admit it, even if Yun Luofeng came to the Emperor to tell on her, it still would not make a difference.

Yun Xiao glanced at Mu Wushuang with a face devoid of emotions. His cold eyes were so deep that one could not see its bottom, so no one was able to discover what this man was thinking.

"Yun Luofeng!"

Mu Xingchou did not permit anyone to answer Mu Wushuang's proposed queries and continued immediately after her, "It is impossible for Wushuang to look at a trash like you more than once! Let's not even speak of targeting you! It has always been you who sought troubles from Wushuang and even set her up! I advise you to not seek your own humiliation! Additionally, you should manage your Yun Family's guard. If he looks at Wushuang one more time, don't blame me for not going easy on him! With the status of my Mu Family's daughter, she isn't someone that a guard can yearn for."

After Mu Wushuang heard her grandfather's words, she also turned her gaze toward Yun Xiao. At that instant, a noticeably stunned expression flashed through her beautiful eyes.

Before this, she previously thought Crown Prince Gao Ling was Long Yuan's most beautiful man, but she did not think that Yun household would actually have such a remarkable guard! Not only did this man have an appearance that even the gods would envy, but also a figure that was just as perfect and made people's blood vessels rupture. His distant eyes in particular-it was as though they could suck people deep into his dark eyes in an instant.

If this cold man did not stand next to Yun Luofeng like a guard, she reckoned that no one would be able to guess his lowly status! A man like him with such a formidable aura was similar to a ruler overlooking his realm. It was not present even around Gao Tu, who was the Emperor.

After her shock passed, Mu Wushuang regained her wits and inwardly chuckled coldly.

So what if this cold man had such a strong aura? Since he was willing to be a guard for Yun Family, then he must not have any outstanding identity! He was nothing but an insignificant guard-completely unworthy of her.

She was destined to be the motherly paragon of the country and could not be desired by just anyone.

"Haha," Ning Xin could not help but laugh out loud, a smile appearing on her pretty face, "Grandfather, I really don't understand why some people think so highly of themselves? Yun Xiao only glanced at her, and she has it in her mind that he took a liking to her? Then anyone in the world only needs to glance at her, and they will all have an endless admiration for her?"

Anyhow, she had lived in the Yun residence for six months, how could she not know that Yun Xiao would always only have Yun Luofeng in his eyes? He would also only unconditionally obey Yun Luofeng's orders! This man had never even paid attention to her grandfather and Elder Rong.

This type of person would take a fancy to Mu Wushuang?

After hearing these crowd's words, Yun Xiao looked at Mu Wushuang again, his stoic face did not have any expression as always, and his cold, dark eyes were serene to the point of being devoid of any ripples.