Chapter 131: Extremely Shameless (2)

 Chapter 131: Extremely Shameless (2)

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Elder Ning indifferently glanced at the righteous emperor and mockingly laughed. "This old crock has never seen someone this shameless. Elder Rong is clearly speaking of you, but you insist on shifting it to Yun'yatou. No one can compare to the thickness of your skin."

Gao Tu's face froze! What did this old guy mean? Elder Rong wasn't referring to Yun Luofeng? It was him?

Thinking of this, his eyes darted towards Elder Rong. After seeing the derision in the elderly man's eyes, Gao Tu felt incredibly distressed, and a wave of anger sprang from his heart!

He icily looked at Yun Luofeng, his solemn features revealing his dark mood.

If it wasn't for her, he would not have his dignity swept to the floor in front of this many ministers! He also would not be humiliated like this!

One day, he will repay her for today's disgrace!

As Long Yuan's emperor, Gao Tu naturally had an innate arrogance! He might be respectful and ingratiating to these people on the surface, but the truth was that he secretly was not willing to serve anyone! From start to finish, he believed that as a sovereign, he should be above everyone and receive people's worship and deference! He should not be here purposefully fawning on someone to gain their favor!

But in the end, he suppressed all the fury in his heart and icily ordered, "Someone, come and bring seats for these two."

"Not these two, it's these three."

Elder Ning aloofly smiled. "General Yun is worn out with age too, could it be that you intended to let him remain standing here?"

These words nearly made Gao Tu spurt out three liters of blood. He clenched his fists and took a deep breath, calming the rage in his heart and commanded coldly, "Bring General Yun a chair as well."

Only heaven knew how sullen he spoke these words. His handsome face was covered in cold lines, a severe light flashing through his dignified eyes as he frostily stared at Yun Luo.

He would like to see whether Old General Yun dared to take a seat in front of him!

Unfortunately, things turned out contrary to his wishes.

Yun Luo slowly sat down right in front of him. The old guy's face maintained his high-spirited smile, as though he had no respect for this emperor.

Gao Tu's eyes darkened and a ruthless light bursting with strong killing intent flashed through his eyes.

At this moment, Gao Tu indeed conceived a killing intent towards this old general of Long Yuan with outstanding contributions! Merely because this old guy had the audacity to take a seat in front of him! Wasn't his actions the same as being on equal footing with him?

Gao Tu, who had always been easily distrustful of everything, could not help but suspect whether this old man had plans to usurp the throne. Otherwise, how could he dare to place himself on equal footing with him?

"Your Majesty," a sharp voice traveled from outside the main hall.

A eunuch quickly entered the main hall with a horse whisk in his hands and flicked his robe as he kneeled down while reporting, "Reporting to Your Majesty, Prime Minister Mu and Mu Wushuang are already waiting outside the main hall."

Gao Tu frowned and glanced at the seated Elder Rong. Soon after, he coldly commanded, "Allow them to enter."

"As Your Majesty commands."

The eunuch saluted as he stood up before hurriedly heading out of the main hall.

Within moments, Mu Xingchou in his court attires slowly walked into the hall. He stood with both arms behind his back, his tall figure was incomparably imposing. His geriatric face revealed astonishment after seeing the people sitting in the main hall, obviously not understanding what had transpired.

Mu Wushuang, who was closely following him, also saw Yun Luofeng at first glance. A peculiar light swept across her beautiful eyes, and an uneasy feeling rushed forth from her heart at that very moment.