Chapter 130: Extremely Shameless (1)

 Chapter 130: Extremely Shameless (1)

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"Innocent?" Elder Ning coldly snorted, derision making its way onto his aloof features. "I heard that more than six months ago, your imperial clan framed Yun'yatou and claimed that she harassed a pretty boy in public so that it would be easy for Crown Prince to dissolve his engagement with her. However, I looked into it and discovered that the one who deliberately framed her is the so-called innocent Mu Wushuang that you speak of!"

The old man's words were like a heavy object mercilessly pounding on Noble Consort Mu's heart. Her eyes were wide open in shock as she vehemently denied, "That's impossible! Wushuang is kindhearted and would never do something like that!"

Although she said that, she was not too certain in her heart. The world might not know about Mu Wushuang's true nature, but she understood it completely. With Wushuang's personality, she would most definitely do something like that.

"Someone come!" Gao Tu made up his mind and harshly ordered, "Bring Mu Wushuang here to see Zhen!"

"Your Majesty!" Noble Consort Mu cried out involuntarily as she clenched her fists. "Wushuang wouldn't do something like this. These are all false accusations!"

If Mu Wushuang's reputation was utterly destroyed, then it would be extremely disadvantageous for the Mu family. She absolutely would not permit something like that to happen!

"My dear consort, you are tired, so why don't you return to rest?" Gao Tu glanced at Noble Consort's deathly pale complexion and indifferently stated. It was apparent that he was already dissatisfied with how Noble Consort Mu continued to speak impertinently.

Although he especially favored Noble Consort Mu, he would not offend the Medical Pavilion on behalf of a woman!

With Elder Rong here, Mu family could only resign to their misfortune this time!

Noble Consort Mu shuddered. She wanted to rely on Gao Tu's previous doting and intercede for Mu Wushuang. However, before she could even speak, the man's august voice was heard again.

"Someone come and bring Noble Consort away. Without Zhen's order, she isn't allowed to take a single step out of her bedchamber."

Hearing this, two of the guards stepped out from the two sides of the hall and respectfully cupped their fists. "As Your Majesty commands!"

Noble Consort Mu's body weakened and nearly fell over, but she resiliently supported her body and unwillingly bowed towards Gao Tu. "This servant will leave now."

Her beautiful eyes were filled with wretched tears. She could not resist looking at Gao Tu again when she lifted her head, but after seeing a lack of reaction from Gao Tu, she could only follow the two guards out of the hall...

"Elder Rong, Zhen has already ordered someone to bring Mu Wushuang here, so please wait a moment." Gao Tu faintly smiled, his tone no longer held its previous severity and had an ingratiating tint instead.

Elder Rong harrumphed and ignored Gao Tu's expression of goodwill, haughtily turning his head to one side. He started making small talks with Elder Rong.

"When one's advanced in age, their legs just don't work like they used to. Unlike some people who remain seated and don't know to offer their seat to old people."

The old man's voice revealed his dissatisfaction as his brows furrowed, making Gao Tu suddenly react. Gao Tu donned a stern face and berated Yun Luofeng, "Yun Luofeng, why haven't you offered your seat to Elder Rong yet?"

In the entire hall, only him and Yun Luofeng were seated! So, Gao Tu assumed that the "some people" in Elder Rong's words was Yun Luofeng.

Hearing this, the corner of Yun Luofeng's lips raised, and her bewitching eyes darted to Gao Tu as she said with a faint smile, "Are you certain that Elder Rong is having me offer my seat?"

"If it isn't you, who else could it be?" Gao Tu's face remained harsh as he severely reprimanded, "Yun Luofeng, although someone from the Medical Pavilion is indebted to you, Elder Rong's status speaks for itself. You still need to respect him and can't take advantage of someone's kindness as a compensation! Moreover, Elder Rong came to the palace for you, so you ought to give up your seat for him."