Chapter 129: The Shocked Emperor (2)

 Chapter 129: The Shocked Emperor (2)

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Elder Ning's words made Elder Rong somewhat ashamed, his heart brimming with guilt, but there was more anger rising in his heart.

"Hmph!" He coldly snorted and turned to look at Gao Tu, who was sitting up high, with his cold, geriatric face and said, "Gao Tu, just what benefit did that Mu Wushuang give you that made you favor her so? Did you truly claim that she is exceedingly talented? If someone like her is considered a genius, then Yun'yatou should be described as a monster! Moreover, I will tell you something out of the goodness of my heart, my master was seriously ill before and no one was able to cure him. It was this girl who cured him, so how can Mu Wushuang compare to her at all?"

Gao Tu's body shuddered, and his expression became increasingly flabbergasted.

Was Yun Luofeng really a famous doctor who could even cure an illness that rendered all of the Medical Pavilion's experts helpless? is this possible? He could not believe that there would be a day when this trash would actually be able to reverse her fortune!

"And while I'm at it, I will tell you something else-the only one who can cure Gao Ling in this world is Yun'yatou."

The corner of Elder Rong's lips raised with a cold smile, not taking into consideration the shock that his words brought to Gao Ling's mind at all.

At present, Wu Ran already shrunk himself into a corner, his whole body endlessly shaking as he tried to diminish his presence.

Although it was said that all the land in this world was imperial land, there was still a single person that the Emperor would give his respect! That person was this old man from the Medical Pavilion! Especially after hearing him say that Yun Luofeng was also the Medical Pavilion's savior, Wu Ran knew that due to this relationship, he undoubtedly would not achieve his desired outcome.

Surprisingly, Noble Consort Mu did not dare to have any complaints and harshly bit her lips as she venomously glared at Yun Luofeng out of the corner of her eyes.

"You said that Yun Luofeng can cure the Crown Prince?" Gao Tu was taken aback as he hurriedly looked at Yun Luofeng with mounting anxiety.

"That's correct, but with the current situation, don't even think about Yun'yatou treating Gao Ling," Elder Rong said with a cold smile. "Moreover, didn't you hear Elder Ning's earlier words or is it that you didn't want to execute it? Immediately summon Mu Wushuang into the palace! I also want to make everyone understand that your imperial family isn't worth much."

Inside the main hall, all the ministers sighed.

They deeply understood Medical Pavilion's position on this continent and also knew that even the imperial family would be extremely respectful towards the Medical Pavilion. However, they could not imagine that the imperial family's regard for Medical Pavilion was not of respect but was out of fear instead!

The current them were the same as frogs at the bottom of the well 1 ; they only knew the imperial family's strength, but they did not know that there was a more indomitable existence above the imperial family-

"Elder Rong," Gao Tu was somewhat hesitant and said with furrowed brows, "even if Yun Luofeng knows medicine, it doesn't mean that her talent is stronger than Wushuang's! It was perhaps a mere coincidence that she could cure that member of your Medical Pavilion. Wushaung's medical skill has been acknowledged by many people."

No matter what, Gao Tu was unwilling to believe that a trash like her possessed such influence.

"A bunch of ignorant fools!" Elder Rong disdainfully glanced at Gao Tu and derisively said, "It must have been Jing Lin who told you about Mu Wushuang's talent. Just how believable are that guy's words? He was doing nothing but blowing his own horn, even 100 Mu Wushuang cannot compare with 1 Yun Luofeng! I will give you another chance. If you don't summon Mu Wushuang and Jing Lin here, I will personally go to the Prime Minister Estate. By then, I have no clue how the Prime Minister Estate will turn out."

"Your Majesty!" Noble Consort Mu cried out in fear, her beautiful face was deathly pale, and her fingernails dug deeply into her palm.

"Your Majesty, Wushuang is innocent! It must be Yun Luofeng framing her, I beg Your Majesty to give Wushuang justice!"

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