Chapter 127: The Domineering Yun Xiao

 Chapter 127: The Domineering Yun Xiao

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At a solemn moment like this, Yun Luofeng actually complained about the imperial clan not providing a chair for her to sit on? Didn't she know that these people were quarreling because of her?

Elder Ning was also stunned, even forgetting what he wanted to say and looked at Yun Luofeng with dazed eyes.

It was only Yun Xiao who thought that Yun Luofeng did not say anything wrong! In his eyes, this imperial clan's hospitality truly was not that great, not even willing to spare a chair...

Thus, Yun Xiao's cold, dark eyes gradually shifted from Yun Luofeng's figure to Noble Consort Mu, who was sitting high above them.

"What do you want to do?" Seeing Yun Xiao walking towards her, Noble Consort Mu's entire body shivered and her sharp voice resounded, "Quickly! Quickly arrest this man! Hurry up and protect me!"

"Protect the Emperor, protect the Emperor!!!" Gao Tu was also frightened by Yun Xiao's abrupt action and anxiously ordered in a loud voice.

Yet, just after Gao Tu spoke, the cold man's figure was akin to a black wind, arriving in front of Noble Consort Mu very quickly. His speed absolutely did not give room for people to react, and those guards did not even have the time to draw their swords...


Without preamble, the man pulled Noble Consort Mu down from her empress throne and suddenly tossed her on the ground. Then, he bent over to lift the empress throne and walked towards Yun Luofeng, who was standing in the middle of the main hall, without consulting anyone.

When Yun Xiao placed the Empress's throne behind Yun Luofeng, the crowd became an uproar in an instant. Their shocked eyes regarded the man's icily handsome face, and they were all intensely intimidated by his domineering demeanor.

This man robbed the Noble Consort's empress throne just because of Yun Luofeng's statement? Just where did the General Estate recruit a domineering and devout man like him? He simply was the most outstanding lover in every woman's heart!

Especially since this man was this attractive!

It was a pity that his status was too humble and was a mere guard of the General Estate. Otherwise, it was unknown how many women would go crazy for him.

"This chair isn't that comfortable to sit on, but I can't be too picky here, so I will just have to put up with it."

Yun Luofeng slowly sat down, her lips raised with a bewitching smile as she looked at everyone and said, "Continue."


Continue your big watermelon!

After having been interrupted like this, how could they continue the topic just now?

Noble Consort Mu became extremely sullen. Her beautiful eyes resentfully glared at Yun Xiao, but she did not dare to say anything because she was previously slapped by Gao Tu.

Of course, compared to Noble Consort Mu, Gao Tu was angrier in his heart!

Now, even a little guard dared to not attach importance to the imperial clan? Particularly in front of so many ministers? He could imagine that, from now on, the imperial clan's dignity would definitely suffer a sudden, devastating decline and would be ridiculed by everyone.

"Old senior," Gao Tu suppressed the fury to the bottom of his heart and looked at Elder Ning again as he said, "I hope that you will carefully consider what I said. I reckon Wushuang's future accomplishments will definitely be exalted by everyone, so don't offend her."

If it weren't for Jing Lin asserting that Mu Wushuang's medical aptitude was incomparable, why would he favor Mu Wushuang to this degree? Otherwise, he also would not allow her to become the Crown Prince Consort! And if Mu Wushuang was really this impressive, then he believed that Longyuan Kingdom would only become stronger with her existence!

"Your Majesty."

A eunuch hurriedly entered the main hall and walked until he was in front of Gao Tu. He flicked his horse whisk before reverently speaking, "Reporting to Your Majesty, Medical Pavilion's Elder Rong came for a visit."

"A person from the Medical Pavilion is here?" Gao Tu's eyes brightened.

Although the Medical Pavilion declined to treat Gao Ling, their previous relationship with the imperial clan was still very good! If Elder Rong of the Medical Pavilion came here, this ambitious old guy would not dare to be impudent anymore!