Chapter 126: Venting Anger out for Her (2)

 Chapter 126: Venting Anger out for Her (2)

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Unfortunately, other people interpreted Elder Ning's shocked expression as him being frightened by Gao Tu's words!

Gao Tu's lips stretched into a smile as he continued, "Old senior, I'm not sure of your relationship with the General Estate, however, Wushuang, this child's innate talent is quite incredible. I believe that old senior will certainly like this child after seeing her. As for the General Estate, Zhen can pardon them for this old senior's sake! What do you think, old senior? Of course, if old senior wants to befriend Wushuang, I advise you to not be too close to the General Estate."

If it was before, Gao Tu would have never said something like that in the main hall. However, now that he had completely thrown out all the pretenses with the General Estate, there was no need for him to continue disguising himself!

Moreover, his imperial clan had the number one expert holding the fort, so there was no need for him to be afraid of the General Estate. In the past, he only wanted to find a good reason to oppose the General Estate to silence everyone's mouths.

"Haha." Elder Ning returned to his usual self, his calm gaze turning towards Yun Luofeng, and his eyes had a touch of gentleness. "Girl, don't these people know about your medical skills? They actually claim that Mu Wushuang's medical talents are exceptional? This is simply showing off in front of an expert 1 ! In front of you, they actually dare to compliment Mu Wushuang like this. In my opinion, Mu Wushuang doesn't come close to one-tenth of you!"

As though having struck by lightning, everyone was stupefied by Elder Ning's words.

Yun Luofeng possessed medical skills?

How could this be possible?

She was only a prodigal trash, but a trash like her actually possessed medical skills? Wouldn't this be the same as a sow knowing how to climb a tree?

Gao Tu's eyes assessed Yun Luofeng before turning to Elder Ning and inquiring, Old senior is also a doctor?"

"This old crock would like to learn the medicine but unfortunately don't have the flair for it. How can I compare with your Longyuan's Mu Wushuang?"

Elder Ning's face was indifferent, but anyone could hear the derision in his tone.

However, Gao Tu did not mind his contemptuous tone and said with a faint smile, "Old senior, since you aren't a doctor, how could you know that Yun Luofeng's medical skill is definitely better than Mu Wushuang's? Only a doctor himself can understand things related to medicine thoroughly. Mu Wushuang's master, Jing Lin, is a famed doctor of virtue and prestige in our Longyuan Kingdom. He could already tell that Mu Wushuang's talent is very strong, so Wushuang's accomplishment later in life will certainly be incomparable as well."

Elder Ning knitted his brows, a cold smile appearing on his indifferent face.

"As for Yun Luofeng..." Gao Tu briefly paused before continuing, "if it is true that she is interested in medicine, she wouldn't have squandered all of the General Estate's savings and bought a bunch of useless medicinal herbs! However, having an interest is having an interest, and this doesn't mean she possesses the aptitude. Medicine isn't that easy to learn. Some people spend their whole life and still won't achieve any major accomplishments."

The "some people" that he was speaking of was clearly referring to Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luo watched Gao Tu like he was looking at an idiot.

Even the Medical Pavilion's Master sought out his granddaughter to treat him, yet Gao Tu actually claimed his granddaughter would not possess any major achievements in her entire life?

"Are you guys done?" Yun Luofeng lazily yawned and shook her aching shoulders with a small smile. "I'm kind of tired, standing this long without a single chair. It appears that the imperial clan's hospitality truly isn't that exceptional."

The two sharply opposing sides quieted down as a result of Yun Luofeng's sudden interjection. Everyone's eyes landed on the girl, full of bewilderment.