Chapter 125: Venting Anger out for Her (1)

 Chapter 125: Venting Anger out for Her (1)

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At the moment, Gao Tu did not dare to think of Ning Xin as a mere maidservant-simply basing on the fact that this elderly man had the ability to appear in the inner court of the palace without any noise. This type of strength could not be achieved by just anyone.

Elder Ning disregarded Gao Tu, his indifferent eyes turning to Yun Luofeng as he stated with a faint smile, "Girl, this old crock originally did not want to meddle in your grievances with other people, but they have simply gone too far now! This old crock had Xin'er stay here in order to protect your safety. However, they actually humiliated you in front of Xin'er, so this old crock can't just sit back and ignore it!"

Elder Ning's eyes lightly swept over everyone inside the main hall, and his lips raised in a smile. "Who is Mu Wushuang? Come out here!"

Inside the main hall, everyone looked at each other at a loss as to what to do before looking at Elder Ning in astonishment.

They did not imagine that the first person that Elder Ning sought out would be Mu Family's Mu Wushuang!

One had to know that this Mu Wushuang was different from other people! Not only did she have outstanding talents, but she also had superb medical skills. Her comprehension of medicine surpassed even her master, Jing Lin! Regardless of how remarkable this old man's identity was, he still could not casually offend a doctor with limitless prospects.

After all, anyone could get sick, no? At that time, the importance of befriending a doctor could be seen easily.

"I reckon Mu Wushuang is at the Prime Minister Estate right now," Yun Luo stated with a chuckle and looked at Gao Tu with raised brows. "Your Majesty, Elder Ning wants to find Mu Wushuang, perhaps you could summon Mu Wushuang here."

Gao Tu's expression shifted, and he sent a warning glance towards Yun Luo, a harsh glint flashing through his eyes.

However, he soon retracted his gaze and said to Elder Ning, "This old senior, since you know about Wushuang's existence, you should also understand what type of person she is. Wushuang is graceful and dignified, there is no way that she could have offended Yun Luofeng. This is nothing but Yun Luofeng secretly playing tricks, I request old senior to not believe other people so easily and misunderstand a good young lady."

Gao Tu's words were clearly leaning towards Mu Wushuang. More than that, he was pushing all of the responsibility onto Yun Luofeng. In his eyes, an exceptionally remarkable girl like Wushuang would never provoke Yun Luofeng. It was merely Yun Luofeng admiring his son, Gao Ling, and developing animosity towards Mu Wushuang as a consequence.

Hearing Gao Tu's words, Yun Luo became even more bitterly disappointed, and his last trace of feelings towards Longyuan disappeared accordingly.

He devoted his entire life to the battlefield, but it was still nothing compared to the Mu Family daughters' pillow talk! No matter how great his achievements were, it did not count for anything in Gao Tu's eyes! How is an emperor like this worthy of his fealty?

Elder Ning indifferently glanced at Gao Tu and coldly said, "I believe in my own judgment. Make Mu Wushuang come over here right away! Otherwise, this old crock definitely won't let this matter go today."

"Old senior." Gao Tu took a deep breath, suppressing the fury surging forth, a sneer flashing through his eyes. "Your strength is truly formidable, but Wushuang's medical skill is also outstanding. It can be said that there isn't anyone whose medical talent is higher than hers from the entire Longyuan Kingdom and even other kingdoms! Moreover, Jing Lin asserted that in the future, her accomplishments definitely won't be less than anyone's accomplishments. What would you gain by offending a genius doctor like her?"

Elder Ning was startled, his eyes full of astonishment. It was as though he experienced an incredible shock due to Gao Tu's words.

He was astounded that they were actually saying no one possessed medicine skills greater than Mu Wushuang's. They even claimed her accomplishments would not be less than anyone's in the future? Should he say that these people had thought too highly of themselves, or should he reprimand them for being ignorant fools?

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