Chapter 124: The Fate of Looking down on Everyone (2)

 Chapter 124: The Fate of Looking down on Everyone (2)

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"I truly can't believe your nerve! You actually dared to trespass into the palace. You are clearly seeking your own death!"

Having said his piece, Wu Ran turned towards Gao Tu. He kneeled on the ground with a loud plop and bawled while weeping bitter tears, "Your Majesty, you need to give justice to this minister! This little maid and this old man are this scornful of my Wu Family. They are clearly looking down on Your Majesty. As for this pair of grandfather and granddaughter, they should be executed to death by a thousand cuts and have nine branches of their clan put to death"

"Nine branches of my clan to death?" Elder Ning faintly smiled as he calmly said, "I'm afraid you don't have the ability to put nine branches of my clan to death!"

After saying these words, his eyes turned to Gao Tu as he stood with both arms behind his back and looked unearthly serene.

"Even Spirit Sect's people don't dare to say things like putting nine of my clan's branches to death in front of me. I don't know where your imperial clan's people are getting their arrogance from to dare to be this rude to me. You even kept on addressing my granddaughter as a little maid and claimed she only deserved to be a concubine."

After hearing the elder's words, Gao Tu's originally angry face instantly turned ashen white, and his eyes exposed his fear.

Spirit Sect?

He actually knew Spirit Sect! Just what was this old man's background?

"Spirit Sect? What in the world is that?" Noble Consort Mu clearly did not know about Spirit Sect's existence and coldly laughed before saying, "Just how can that so-called Spirit Sect be compared with the imperial power? Longyuan's entire existence comes from the imperial power, so who would dare to defy an imperial command?"


Right after Noble Consort Mu's words were spoken, a slap ruthlessly landed on her cheek. It made her utterly confused, and she turned her head to look at the livid and handsome man beside her with disbelief.

"Your Majesty, you..." Noble Consort Wu widened her lovely and teary eyes, her alluringly beautiful face was deathly pale.

In the past, relying on Gao Tu's favor, she was often haughty and overbearing on the basis of his favor. Her weight in Gao Tu's heart could be seen from her ability to participate in political affairs! However, she would not have imagined that His Majesty, who normally doted on her, would slap her!

Seeing Noble Consort Mu's tears, Gao Tu's heart was somehow unable to bear it, but when he thought of what she just said, his anger surged again. He icily stated, "Harem cannot participate in politics. This matter will be handled by Zhen. You are not permitted to unnecessarily speak!"

Noble Consort Mu's body jolted, and her lovely eyes, filled with heartbreak and despair, watched Gao Tu with astonishment.

His Majesty...was planning to revoke all of her power?

Not just Noble Consort Mu, but everyone in the main hall was dumbstruck, obviously not understanding why His Majesty would suddenly hit her? Could it be possible that Mu Family will lose their favor?

While everyone had their doubts, Gao Tu already turned his gaze towards Elder Ning, and his expression no longer had its former dignity, his voice carrying a trace of probing. "May I ask who is this old senior?"

Old senior?

His Majesty went as far as using a word like this to refer to this old codger?

A feeling of doom rose in Wu Ran's heart. Was it possible that this little maid possessed some other background?

From beginning to end, Yun Luofeng had the bearing of someone watching a play. Her lips wore a bewitching smile as she looked at Wu Ran with his frozen expression.

"You don't have the qualifications to know who I am."

Elder Ning's tone had its usual indifference, but his voice disclosed his heart's icy arrogance.

After having been humiliated in front of so many people by Elder Ning, Gao Tu's expression turned livid in an instant. But before he figured out Elder Ning's identity, he did not dare to act rashly, so he suppressed the indignance in his heart and asked, "May I ask what is the relationship of this senior elder with the Yun Family?"