Chapter 123: The Fate of Looking down on Everyone (1)

 Chapter 123: The Fate of Looking down on Everyone (1)

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With just Noble Consort Mu's status, she was naturally unaware of the deep secrets of this continent. In the eyes of these common citizens, the imperial clan was already the supreme existence. In their words, the entire world was the emperor's land!

However, only the people in extremely important positions understood that there was still a powerful master controlling the imperial power! In the end, the imperial clan was nothing but a mere puppet of that power.

Thus, hearing Noble Consort Mu's words, Gao Tu's expression clearly was not too great. However, he only swept his eyes across Noble Consort Mu in warning before turning his head to look at everyone in the main hall.

"Yun Luofeng, for the sake of your status as General Estate's only child, Zhen will pardon your crime of defying the imperial authority! But for your maid who has committed a heinous crime, making her become Wu Qi's concubine is already the most lenient punishment."

Gao Tu slightly raised his chin, his imposing tone leaving no room for argument.


Suddenly, a chuckle dripping with mockery cut through the air from outside the main hall.

"This emperor is quite impressive-able to bestow marriages at whim. Could it be that you think you are the master of this continent?"

Just as the words were spoken, a cyan-robed elder leisurely entered the main hall. His steps were brisk. Although you clearly only saw him take two steps, his entire person had already arrived in front of you. It was as though it was a burst of cyan smoke so quick that it was impossible to capture.


Ning Xin's eyes flashed with joy as soon as she saw Elder Ning. She strode towards the elder, her beautiful and dignified face carrying a gentle smile.

"Grandfather, you came?"

"Xin'er." Elder Ning patted Ning Xin's head with eyes full of affection. "Tell Grandfather, did anyone bully you during the time that Grandfather was away?"

After saying this, his eyes pointedly swept towards the arrogant Gao Tu.

"Grandfather." As soon as Ning Xin heard this, her face became full of grievances. "Before this, I heard Xiao Feng mention that her days in Long Yuan weren't pleasant. I previously thought it had some exaggerations to it. However, when I went to a restaurant with Xiao Feng to eat today, Wu Qi of Wu Family directly barged through the door and even wanted to strike Xiao Feng."

What was called exaggeration? Wu Family was not the only one who knew how to do this, she could also paint the situation as something more serious than it was.

Sure enough, Elder Ning's face darkened. His geriatric face was densely covered by dark clouds, similar to the verge of a storm.

"Then, I couldn't stand those rich men's sons anymore, so I acted on my own. Who knew that Wu Qi would actually want to take me home and make me serve him!"

Ning Xin seethed with rage between gritted teeth, purposefully emphasizing on the word "serve." Her clear eyes were fraught with fury. "Naturally, how could I be willing to let them take advantage of me? And so I crippled him! You have seen what happened next. This emperor wants to vent Wu Family's anger for them, so he took Xiao Feng and me into the palace. He plans to force me to be that scum's concubine and even said that I only deserve to be his concubine!"

Ning Xin became more aggrieved the more that she spoke. She had followed Grandfather ever since she was young. Who hadn't acted respectfully whenever they saw her? When had she ever suffered an injustice like this? But not only did Gao Tu force her to be a concubine, he even claimed that she was only worthy of being this profligate son's concubine!

Elder Ning coldly harrumphed, an icy light flashing through his aloof eyes. "Xin'er, Grandfather has long since told you that you don't need to be merciful when facing enemies. Dealing with a scum like that, how is it enough that you only crippled him? You should have taken away his arms and broken his legs, making him unable to stand up in his entire life."

"Grandfather's instructions are right, I will remember it," Ning Xin beamingly answered while charmingly blinking her eyes.

This pair of grandfather and granddaughter conversing like no one else was present completely angered Wu Ran. His eyes unwaveringly glared at Ning Xin; that look was like he wanted to have her executed with a thousand cuts 1 !