Chapter 122: You Dont Have the Right to Make Them Kneel

 Chapter 122: You Don't Have the Right to Make Them Kneel

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"You don't have the right to make them kneel."

Inside this silent main hall, the girl's bewitching voice was like a pebble thrown on the peaceful surface of a lake, inciting one ripple after another.

Gao Tu's expression became livid, his fist ruthlessly slammed on the desk with a bang as he furiously rebuked, "How impudent! General Yun, this is the fine granddaughter that you taught!"

He turned his head to look at Yun Luo below him with a dark face. His voice was severe and cold.

"Not only did you not discipline your granddaughter, but you also caused her to become arrogant and uncontrollable. Even her maidservant uses her master's position to bully others! She actually crippled Wu Qi! Now that the master of the Wu household is here, your General Estate must provide an explanation!"

"An explanation?" Yun Luo sneered and stood up from the floor. His geriatric face was completely solemn. "Your Majesty, I don't know what type of explanation you desire from our General Estate. Wu Qi verbally humiliated my granddaughter and even harassed Ning Xin. He was delusional enough to want to take Ning Xin back to Wu Family to be a concubine. Are you perhaps implying that him being crippled wasn't reaping what he sowed?"

Gao Tu's expression darkened and he coldly harrumphed. "General Yun, no matter how wrong Wu Qi was, your General Estate should not have crippled him! Moreover, the Ning Xin that you mentioned is merely a little maidservant. As a maid, she is meant to be a concubine. Wu Qi, as the heir of Wu Clan, shouldn't be an insult to her!"

Hearing Gao Tu acting the same as those from Wu Family and continually addressing Ning Xin as a little maidservant, a sneer appeared on Yun Luo's aged face.

"General Yun, you are Long Yuan Kingdom's meritorious minister, Zhen doesn't want to punish you." Gao Tu was clearly oblivious to the mocking smile on Yun Luo's face. He pacified the anger in his heart and continued, "So you don't need to concern yourself with this matter! Zhen will issue an edict right now and bestow this little maid to Wu Qi. Afterwards, you will have your family's Yun Luofeng nicely acknowledge her mistake to Wu Qi. Zhen will make this decision and make Wu Family settle the matter with this. What do you think?"

From Gao Tu's perspective, this was already the best solution! Anyhow, she was only a little maid. If the General Estate found it necessary, he could send the palace's imperial maids to serve them!

As for Yun Luofeng, it was, after all, not done by her. As long as she admitted her wrong, everything could be easily settled.

Fury flashed through Ning Xin's face, this dog emperor actually bestowed marriage between her and a scum? Moreover, it was to be a concubine to this scum?

More importantly, he actually said that being a concubine to this scum would not be a humiliation for her?

He really thought too highly of himself!

Just as Ning Xin was about to fly into a rage, a chuckle suddenly came from beside her.

The young lady looked up in a languid and bewitching manner with a breathtaking smile on her gorgeous face.

"I don't know just where your superiority is coming from? Allowing you to bestow marriages at will? Or do you think that since you are the Emperor, the authority of the entire world is in your hands? But don't forget a saying, 'however strong you are, there is always someone stronger.' Not everyone will fear imperial power."

Yun Luofeng speaking these words was the same as declaring war against the imperial clan! Thus, all of the present ministers were flabbergasted and stared at the girl's gorgeous face with a dumbfounded expression.

"Yun Luofeng, I can't believe your audacity!" Noble Consort Mu's delicate hand heavily landed on the table. Derision flashed through her haughty eyes as she scorned, "The land of this entire world belongs to the Emperor! If His Majesty wants to appoint a marriage, who will dare to disobey? She is only a little maid, so how is it that Wu Qi's status still isn't worthy enough to have her as a concubine?"