Chapter 121: Elder Ning is Here

 Chapter 121: Elder Ning is Here

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Elder Rong furiously slapped the table and stood up. His eyes unwaveringly stared at Fang Ya, who came to tip him off, and asked with gritted teeth, "What did you just say? Had the imperial clan's people inhaled a tremendous amount of courage, so much so that they actually dared to take Yun'yatou?"

Fang Ya wiped the sweat from her forehead, anxiousness written all over her alluring face. "Elder Rong, I personally witnessed this. Not only was Miss Yun arrested, but even Ning Xin of the Ning Family was also captured in the palace by those from the imperial clan."

Hearing this, the fury in Elder Rong's eyes gradually subsided and was replaced by a queer look. "You said those from imperial clan took Ning Xin away?"

"Yes, Elder Rong," Fang Ya respectfully reported.

Elder Rong slowly sat down and a sneer appeared on his face as he said contemptuously, "Is the imperial clan trying to seek their own death? Fang Ya, I recall that Elder Ning will arrive at Long Yuan today. Wait for him outside the city gate later and tell him that his granddaughter and god-granddaughter were captured by the dog emperor and they're waiting for him to rescue them."


Fang Ya cupped her fists in salute, her seductive eyes becoming icy cold.

The imperial clan could have arrested anyone, but they just had to take Yun Luofeng away. Not only did the Medical Pavilion owe a debt of gratitude towards Yun Luofeng, but she was also regarded highly by Elder Ning! Having taken her away, how could the Ning Family let the imperial clan off?

"Hold on," Elder Rong suddenly thought of something and stood up again, frowning. "Like this, aren't I handing over the chance to ingratiate myself to Yun'yatou to Elder Ning? That won't do, I can't let Elder Ning have the upper hand in this matter; I must also enter the palace myself!"


The Imperial Palace's main hall was not only resplendent and magnificent but also coldly majestic and awe-inspiring.

At this time, in the middle of the main hall, Wu Ran unwaveringly stared at the grandfather and granddaughter pair from Yun Family with eyes full of hatred. The killing intent in his eyes was also incredibly intense and as sharp as a sword.

All the ministers stood in two rows in the hall, none of them daring to breathe. They all cautiously watched the Emperor, Gao Tu, who was sitting high above them.

Gao Tu's expression was livid, and his icy gaze was directed at Yun Luofeng, who was standing upright in the middle of the hall. His tone was harsh as he denounced, "Yun Luofeng, why aren't you on your knees when you see Zhen?"

Yun Luofeng smiled. "My old man once sought an imperial edict from you. That imperial decree allows me not to kneel regardless of which imperial member I meet! Could it be that you want to revoke your decree?"

Only then did Gao Tu remember the decree that he agreed to on that day, and his expression involuntarily became more unsightly.

"How audacious!"

Noble Consort Mu was sitting while leaning against Gao Tu, and her alluringly beautiful face instantly changed after hearing Yun Luofeng's words. Her delicate hand landed on the desk as she angrily reprimanded, "Who permitted you to be this rude in this hall? The decree was given by His Majesty, of course, he can revoke it!"

Yun Luofeng glanced at Noble Consort Mu with a smile. "If the Emperor planned to revoke this decree, then I, Yun Luofeng, have nothing to say to this. However, if this travels to the public's ears, it will become Your Majesty reneging your word, and the Imperial Palace's reputation will disastrously drop."

Gao Tu's expression appeared impatient, and he swept his eyes across Noble Consort Mu, using a look that stopped the words she was about to blurt out.

Then, his eyes fell on Yun Xiao and Ning Xin beside Yun Luofeng, and he coldly stated, "Zhen will excuse you from kneeling and saluting, but your guard and maidservant truly don't have any manners! They still dare to stand in the main hall. Kneel down to Zhen this instant!"

His voice was dignified and domineering, revealing a bite, as it gradually rung inside this main hall.

Yun Xiao did not speak, his grim face was expressionless from the beginning. His dark eyes were always fixated on the girl standing beside him, as though he did not hear Gao Tu's voice and directly ignored him.