Chapter 120: Entering the Palace

 Chapter 120: Entering the Palace

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The eunuch's words finally made Yun Luofeng respond. Her dark eyes wickedly glanced at him, and her peerlessly gorgeous face carrying a bewitching and lazy smile.

However, when the eunuch met this lazy glance of hers, it made his whole body involuntarily shudder, as though a bone-chilling cold was spreading out from his heart.

This trash...could actually incite such a strong fear in people?

Perhaps in order to calm his heart's trepidation, the eunuch's face darkened several degrees as he icily ordered, "Someone, come and bring these people to the palace!"

"I can go by myself!"

Yun Luofeng glanced at the guards walking towards her and raised her brow. "Yun Xiao, if anyone dares to touch me, kill them without mercy!"

Her voice was arrogant and unruly with a strong sense of wickedness and carried a dominance, as though she was looking down on the whole world.

Yun Xiao did not speak and silently stood beside Yun Luofeng. A killing intent radiated from his cold and dark eyes, his black robes fluttering without wind. His whole body exuded a powerful aura, which forced the guards attempting to get closer to Yun Luofeng in vain to move several steps back, their face revealing horror.

"Hmph!" the eunuch harrumphed. "Yun Luofeng, wait until you enter the palace, and let's see if you will still dare to be this insolent then!"

As the saying went, a wise man submitted to his circumstances! This eunuch was not stupid. There was no way he did not perceive Yun Xiao's killing intent. If they really touched Yun Luofeng, he believed this man would most definitely go on a killing rampage!

As expected, none of the General Estate's people were good! From General Yun down to the maidservants and guards, all of them regarded the imperial power with contempt. This kind of people should be eliminated!

"Grandfather, we will enter the palace then and see how the Emperor settles this matter," Yun Luofeng slowly uttered with lowered eyes and a faint smile, her lips carried a wicked air.


Yun Luo nodded and turned his head towards the eunuch before coldly saying, "Shouldn't you hurry and lead the way? Who will take responsibility for the delay?"

This sentence came from the eunuch's mouth earlier, but it was now returned to him by the old man.

The eunuch snorted again and flicked the horse whisk in his hands before departing from the courtyard.

At this time, the outside the General Estate had already been completely surrounded.

When these people saw the people walking out of the General Estate surrounded by a group of guards, all of them started discussing it.

It was evident that they were speculating what crime had General Yun Luo committed that led him to be encircled by a group of guards while entering the palace.

Wasn't it like that? Although these guards did not touch those from Yun Family, what difference was there between their behavior of surrounding those from Yun Family and escorting them to the palace? From this, anyone could clearly see that Yun Family had committed a crime.

Amidst the boisterous crowd, Fang Ya looked towards Yun Luofeng, who was in the center of the group of guards, and was slightly stunned. After regaining her wits, she rapidly turned and headed towards the direction of the Medical Pavilion.

"Elder Rong, we have a problem. There's a problem!"

In the Medical Pavilion's inner hall, Elder Rong, who was playing chess with someone, was currently pondering about his next move. Who knew that the abrupt arrival of a voice would startle him, causing the chess piece in his hands to fall to the ground.

Just as Elder Rong impatiently knitted his brows, Fang Ya suddenly pushed the room's door open and rushed in. It was probably due to her running the entire way that her breath was somewhat uneven. Her alluringly beautiful eyes were filled with anxiety.

"What happened?" Elder Rong's brows knitted even more as he irritably asked.

If it weren't for his good relations with Fang Family's old man, his cantankerous self definitely would not tolerate other people breaking in while he was playing chess. This was simply ruining his good mood.

"Elder Rong, there's a problem." Fang Ya's face showed agitation. "Just now, I thought of how our Medical Pavilion's Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid is nearly sold out, so I went to the Yun residence to look for Yun Luofeng, wanting to purchase some medicinal liquid from her. Who knew that I would see people from the Imperial Palace escorting them to the palace! Elder Rong, if you're late, I reckon you won't see her ever again..."