Chapter 118: I Will Go with You (1)

 Chapter 118: I Will Go with You (1)

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When the old man asked the first "what," his tone was still normal, but right now, he was scared to the point of jumping up. His eyes widened and angrily blurted out, "What did you just say? You crippled Wu Family's young fellow?"

Wu Clan was one of Longyuan's four big clans. Wu Clan's ancestor was once Longyuan's Duke Wu. Although the current Wu Clan was no longer not like how it was in the past, they still had a noble title inheritance and Wu Clan's mistress of the household also had a second-class imperial mandate.

But his own granddaughter actually crippled Wu Family's only son?

And she even called this a surprise for him? It was more like a horror!

"To be honest, when I say cripple, it isn't crippling Wu Qi's strength, it's crippling his ability as a man to pass on his bloodline," appearing to be afraid that the old man would misunderstand, Yun Luofeng clarified.

The old man nearly spat a mouthful of blood out. This girl made Wu Qi lose his ability to pass on the bloodline, wouldn't it be the same as cutting off Wu Family's lineage? Wouldn't that Wu Family youngster find him and fight him to death?

Although the old man was unafraid of Wu Family's master, if this matter was disclosed to the imperial clan, whether it was Mu Xingchou, that bandit, or that dog Emperor, none of them would miss this chance to target the Yun Family.

"You girl, if you only beat up Wu Qi, I can still refute it. After all, it was Wu Qi who was wrong first, but then you actually made him impotent!" Yun Luo helplessly stated with a forced smile. "I'm afraid it will be very difficult to settle this."

Yun Luofeng raised his eyebrow and lazily yawned. "Ning Xin was the one who crippled him, but even if Ning Xin didn't do this, I would cripple him myself!"

"Sigh." the elderly man glared at Yun Luofeng and unhappily said, "Does your entire body feel restless if you don't cause trouble for this old man everyday? Why don't you run back to the rear mountain now and reflect on your misdeed behind closed doors? Without my order, you are not allowed to take a single step outside the door!"

Looking at the old guy in front of her, Yun Luofeng smiled.

How could she not understand this old guy's intention? This old man wanted to make her hide. She was not to appear in front of people no matter what happens. In regards to the Wu Family situation, he would take care of it.

But how could Yun Luofeng be a coward after causing trouble? If she really did that, even she would look down on herself.

"I know you don't want to have me face those people, but this trouble was caused by Ning Xin and me, so I should handle it myself! Grandfather, you are now getting old, so you should happily retire and shouldn't need to worry about these matters."

Yun Luo was slightly startled and looked at the girl standing in front of him. At that moment, it finally dawned on him that his own granddaughter had already grown up and had become responsible as well! She wasn't a young lady that would only hide behind her family seeking protection after causing trouble.

"An imperial decree has arrived."

A sharp voice pierced through the horizon from outside the courtyard. "An imperial decree has arrived. Yun Luofeng, accept the decree."

The worry that Yun Luo had just gotten rid of was instantly resurrected after hearing this sharp voice. His eyebrows tightly knitted. "Feng'er, no matter what happens later, don't say anything! This time, even if Grandfather has to throw his face away, I will protect your safety! No one can take my granddaughter out of my hands!"

The present Yun Luo had a severe gaze and imposing expression and was like a great general that was majestic and awe-inspiring on the battleground-his dominance as natural as life itself.

Under the autumn wind, a eunuch carried a bright yellow imperial edict and stood in the middle of the frontcourt. Impatience flashed through his cold eyes as he watched this pair of grandfather and granddaughter walking out of the main hall.